Who: A 23-year-old actor, dancer, and fitness enthusiast who hopes to inspire others to be the best they could be.

What’s your sign?
“I’m a Libra. I try to balance things, and if things aren’t balanced, I implode.”

11-2-17 November and my first post is about a blast from the past. 🌊✌🏽

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What’s your social media word for the year?
“#Fit2018. Everyone I follow is into fitness, and 2018 is a big year for it.”

2-6-18 The rougher, the better. Sweat and don’t regret. 💦💦💦

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What mark do you want to leave with the work you do?
“I want to help people believe that they can make a change, that they can be anyone they want to be.”

My weekend under the stars; life is so amazing ✨✨✨ 📸: @vescucha

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The best life tip you’d give to someone?
“No pain, no gain. To gain respect from people, you have to work hard for it.”

Are you active on social media?
“Yes, I go online everyday to check messages; random messages keep me motivated in life. I get unplugged when I’m working out or dancing, or when I’m doing my job.”

What keeps you optimistic?
“I just am! Excitement keeps me optimistic. Every day is a blank space, and I feel I can do anything I want in it.”

Init ba? Haha 😅

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