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LOOK: Katinko launches unique range of personal care essentials

LOOK: Katinko launches unique range of personal care essentials

K-Essentials was brought to life with a vision of sustainability and community empowerment

Driven by a desire to harness the potent healing properties of natural ingredients and establish a brand that supports grassroots communities sustainably, the creators of Katinko ointment collaborated closely with indigenous tribes, farmers, and scientists. Their mission: to integrate locally sourced ingredients into their supply chain.

The first product line, six specially crafted essential oil blends—Focus, Refresh, Revive, Relax, Uplift, and Detox

The inaugural product line features six meticulously crafted essential oil blends—Focus, Refresh, Revive, Relax, Uplift, and Detox—each aimed at enhancing personal well-being. Focus aids mental clarity with scents of orange, lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oils. Refresh revitalizes and invigorates the senses with peppermint, ginger, and tea tree oils. Revive offers vitality and balance through lemongrass, vetiver, and tea tree oils. Relax induces a calming effect with a blend of lavender, cedarwood, cypress, and tea tree oils. Uplift energizes and uplifts one’s mood with rosemary, basil, cedarwood, patchouli, and tea tree oils. Finally, Detox provides a natural detoxification experience with frankincense, peppermint, turmeric, ginger, and tea tree oils.

Each K-Essentials set includes a handmade pouch crafted by skilled artisans from various indigenous Filipina weavers. These pouches are made using traditional Philippine fabrics such as t’nalak, inabel, and kantarines, each intricately adorned with patterns that depict the stories and epics of their weavers, passed down through generations.

Expanding the product lineup, K-Essentials now offers a wider range of products, including liquid soap, foaming wash, bar soap, candle, and diffuser. Made with natural ingredients and free from sulfates and parabens, these products aim to promote healthier choices for both the body and the environment. The K-Essentials team strives to make premium bath and body essentials accessible to more people, emphasizing that premium quality doesn’t always equate to high prices.

Catriona Grey with various indigenous tribe partners

The grand unveiling of K-Essentials took place at the Atrium Glass Facade of Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City on March 13, 2024. Visitors were treated to a multi-sensorial journey, immersing them in the visuals and stories behind the brand and its flagship products. Guests had the opportunity to experience the distinct qualities of the crafted essentials at various product stations.
The event was graced by Miss Universe Catriona Gray and hosted by Robbie Domingo. Also in attendance were partner communities of K-Essentials, including T’boli weavers, musicians, dancers, inabel weavers, Ayta dancers, and ginger farmers.

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Looking ahead, the Katinko team reveals, “Our products are priced from P90 pesos to P1000. We aim to make them more accessible than alternative brands in the market, so more people can enjoy natural ingredient-based products without breaking the bank. Keep an eye out for special promotions as we introduce our flagship products. We are offering exclusive discounts on our product collection sets, providing an excellent opportunity to try out a variety of our offerings. Moreover, participating in our activities will come with exciting freebies, adding extra value to your experience with us.”

K-Essentials is now available at all Katinko kiosks nationwide.

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