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LOOK: H&M and Heron Preston partners for ‘H2’

LOOK: H&M and Heron Preston partners for ‘H2’

A multi-year partnership introducing seasonal collections and a creative advisory program

Known for his streetwear and utilitarian flair, American fashion designer Heron Preston brings his artistic sensibilities to a collaborative venture with H&M, resulting in the creation of the new label ‘H2.’ This multi-year partnership will encompass seasonal collections and a creative advisory program for emerging talents, focusing on circular innovation under the joint efforts of the collaboration.

On Mar. 14, 2024, H2 is set to officially launch, showcasing the essence of everyday streetwear inspired by the attitude and style of New York’s street culture. Heron redefines utilitarian wear for H&M, emphasizing durability and versatility through exceptional, genderless outfits.

Designer Heron Preston

“I believe it’s a collection that seamlessly integrates into anyone’s existing wardrobe,” shares Heron. “The idea is to acknowledge individuality through design codes, fits, shapes, and styles that everyone around the globe can relate to. We recognize how real people adopt clothing and adapt it to their personal style.”

Key pieces in the debut collection include boxy reversible bomber jackets in 100 percent nylon and long-sleeve racing-style jerseys in 100 percent recycled polyester, featuring an uplifting “Unity” print. Anchoring the collection are practical staples like reversible hoodies made from rich 300 and 400 gsm cotton and straight-cut 12.75 oz denim jeans crafted from 20 percent recycled cotton.

 “We’re excited to launch this multifaceted, long-term partnership with such a strong first collection, democratizing Heron Preston’s creative vision by making it more accessible to people worldwide. I think we will accomplish many wonderful things together over time, and this is just a first step,” says Ross Lydon, head of men’s design at H&M.

The campaign revolves around the concept of “the power of two,” exploring themes of duality, curiosity, and human connection, central to the spirit of H2 and the creative partnership between Heron Preston and H&M.

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In alignment with H2, the brand introduces H2 Exchange, a circular fashion program under Heron’s creative direction. This initiative aims to equip a new generation of designers with circular mindsets and skillsets, infusing H&M’s circular initiatives with creativity, community, and learning experiences with the ultimate goal of engaging creators and customers in the circular fashion movement and prolonging the lifespan of clothing.

For the Philippines, the H2 collection will launch on Mar. 14, 2024, in select stores such as H&M SM Megamall, H&M Ayala Greenbelt, and online at

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