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Price Guide: All the must-have pieces from H&M x Mugler collection

Price Guide: All the must-have pieces from H&M x Mugler collection

Get ready to shop this Thursday

Price Guide: All the must-have pieces from H&M x Mugler collection Subhead: Get ready to shop this Thursday

The H&M x Mugler partnership is possibly one of the most highly anticipated capsules in the brand’s collaboration streak. After almost three months since its announcement and a week following its global launch in New York City, the collection’s sexy and sultry pieces will finally be available this Thursday, May 11, 2023, at SM Makati and on

Among the few Filipinos who were able to get their hands on the pieces is Liza Soberano, who was invited to NYC to personally experience the launch and witness the fashion show held at Park Avenue Armory in Manhattan.

During the launch, Liza also graced the streets of Fifth Avenue and West 52nd Street, flaunting some of her personal favorites from the collection. She was photographed by Duke Winn on the bustling streets of New York.

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Just like Liza, we know you already have your picks from the collection. To help you decide what to get (or what not to get), here’s a complete price guide of the H&M x Mugler collection, including men’s, women’s, and accessory offerings.

Waist detail denim jacket, 10,990, and Spiral panel jeans, P7,990
Jersey cut out top, P3,290, Swirling star mesh t-shirt, P4,490, and Leather biker trousers, P15,990
Swirling star silk scarf, P2,290, Waisted leather blazer, P15,990, and M buckle leather belt, P4,490
Corset waist vest top, P3,290, Leather trench coat, P26,490, and Leather ankle boots, 21, 990
Nylon parachute jacket, P13,990, Spiral panel jeans, P7,990, and Rhinestone embellished hoodie, P7,990
Double-breasted poplin shirt, P4,490, Wool cut out trousers, P5,490, and Waisted wool blazer, P10,990
Corset waist zip through hoodie, P5,490, Wool cut out trousers, P5,490, and Rhinestone embellished mesh top, P5,490
Waisted wool blazer, P10,990, Chunky metal necklace, P5,490, and Denim shirt, P4,490
Leather bra, P2,690, Scarf-detailed trenchcoat, P30,490, and Silk scarf, P2,690
Spiral-panel dress with rhinestone, P13,990, Spiral panel jeans, P7,990, and Velvet pleplum dress, P15,990
Hourglass wool jacket, P15,990, Strapless evening gown, P15,990, and Wool mini skirt, P5,490
Bra top gathered mini dress, P5,490, Earrings, P3,290, and wool cut out trousers, P5,490
Gathered one shoulder dress, P5,490, Spiral panel catsuit, P7,990, and Waist-detailed cropped denim jacket, P10,990
Scarf-detail leather jacket, P21,990 and Star-shaped clip earrings, P2,290
Corset-waist zip-through hoodie, P5,490, and Second skin gloves, P2,290
Rhinestone embellished mesh top, P5,490, Star shaped earrings, P2,690, and Oversized wool blazer, P10,990
Body chain, P9,990, Mesh paneled mini dress, P4,490, and Cut out body, P3,290
Jersey cut-out trouser, P5,490, Wool mini skirt, P5,490, and Mesh paneled stirrup leggings, P4,490.
Spiral paneled mini dress, P4,490, Chunky metal necklace, P5,490, and Corset style mini dress, P7,990
Leather baseball cap, P4,490, and Sprial paneled jersey leggings, P4,490
Rhinestone embellished tights, P5,490, Tear drop earrings, P3,690, and Knit detail one shoulder dress, P6,990
Wool mini dress, P10,990, Corset style wool jacket, and Bolero gloves, P3,290
M buckle leather belt, P5,490, 30 denier tights with seams, 3,290, Oversized leather shopper, P13,990
Teardrop cocktail ring, P22,90, Mesh paneled body, P3,290, and teardrop earrings, P3,290

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