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These are the summer grooming trends for 2024, according to a celeb makeup artist

These are the summer grooming trends for 2024, according to a celeb makeup artist

Jelly Eugenio emphasizes skin, lips, and brows

With summer fast approaching, adjustments to our attire and grooming routines become imperative. Seeking inspiration, we sat down with Jelly Eugenio, one of the most sought-after celebrity makeup artists in the Philippines, to gain insights into the trends anticipated for the golden season. 

According to Jelly, the focus this summer should center around three key categories: skin, lips, and brows.

“I think more men will be open to wearing makeup in 2024,” shared Jelly. “With the ongoing influence of the Korean look popularized by K-pop stars and actors, the trend of dewy skin will stay.” 

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Jelly emphasized achieving this look through tinted sunscreens, which offer a multitude of benefits, including coverage, radiance, and sun protection.

Regarding lips, Jelly highlighted the tendency of some men to neglect lip care. “It’s sad to guys with dry lips,” he chuckled. “Hydrated lips should be a trend for 2024, whether in their natural state or with a subtle tint.”

Lastly, Jelly puts emphasis on well-groomed yet natural brows. “More people are going for defined yet believable brows, which is important. They should appear fuller while maintaining a natural look,” he said. 

He praised the launch of Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Detailer, emphasizing its tiny nature that closely mimics natural eyebrow strands.

Benefit Cosmetic’s new launch, the Precisely, My Brow Detailer, features a 0.8mm thin pencil, making it the thinnest pencil for brows in the market. Available in six shades to match natural hair colors, this detailer is complemented by another addition to the brand’s brow line, the Precisely, My Brow Wax. This product holds, tints, and shapes brows for a lasting 12 hours, with a sweatproof formula that remains crunch and flake-free.

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