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Turn up the bass: This makeup line is curated for men

Turn up the bass: This makeup line is curated for men

Issy unveils its collection of bestsellers

One of the most successful local makeup brands, Issy, has just launched a curated line of its bestselling products designed specifically for men.

It’s not groundbreaking news that men use makeup; however, products tailored for men have long been overlooked, with guys typically borrowing items targeted at women.

This month, one of the leading makeup brands in the Philippines has launched a campaign focused on addressing “what men need” in terms of makeup. They are spotlighting men’s base makeup and eyebrow products to enhance grooming.

The current lineup includes six products, featuring the return of the Active Skin Tint, Active Concealer, and True Flex Powder Foundation for base makeup. As for eyebrows, there are the Brow Pencil Trio, Brow Detailing Pen, and Brow Fixing Gel.

Explore the details of each product below:

Active Skin Tint
This oil-free skin tint offers 12 natural-looking shades, ranging from Fair Light Warm to Deep Neutral. The product includes skin-caring ingredients such as niacinamide, squalene, and SPF 35.

Active Concealer
The active concealer boasts 24 shades suitable for brightening dark circles, covering blemishes and scars, and even contouring to sculpt and add dimension to the face. These concealers are also enriched with hyaluronic acid and avocado extract for skincare benefits.

True Flex Powder Foundation
These powder foundations, available in nine shades, effectively blur pores and provide a matte finish. They are lightweight and breathable, ensuring 12-hour wear without caking or creasing. The product also comes in a convenient compact with a brush for on-the-go touch-ups.

Brow Pencil Trio
Coming in four shades: Ash, Ash Brown, Taupe Brown, and Warm Brown, this versatile product includes a spoolie, a detailing pencil, and a shading pencil, all ideal for achieving natural-looking brows.

Brow Detailing Pen
For the illusion of fuller brows, the micro-brush tip of this pen creates natural-looking hair strokes for the appearance of natural brow hairs. This also comes in four shades like the Brow Pencil Trio.

Brow Fixing Gel
The precision brush of this gel ensures that brow hair stays in place all day without flaking. It’s available in a clear gel formula suitable for all hair colors.

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