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How to achieve perfect brows according to celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan

How to achieve perfect brows according to celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan

Using Teviant’s newly launched high-quality and waterproof eye products

Many people agree that eyebrows play a significant role in framing the face. For some, having perfectly groomed eyebrows is a top priority.

Celebrity makeup artist Albert Kurniawan recently launched new eye products in the market, and the media got a chance to see how he achieves a flawless eyebrow look using two products. 

Albert has worked with famous faces such as Demi-Leigh Tebow, Heart Evangelista, Pia Wurtzbach, Megan Young, and Mikael Daez.

Before demonstrating the process, Albert explained why it’s better to use different products when drawing and filling in eyebrows. He shared that since eyebrows are not just a straight line due to the shape of our temples and skulls, it’s better to use two shades of eyebrow products: a lighter shade in the front area and a darker shade on the sides going towards the temples. This technique creates more depth, giving a fuller, more natural look.

Albert brushed the eyebrow hairs to see the sparse areas before filling them in with the Brow Mate Definer Pencil. This pencil features a skinny tip for precise application. Then, he filled in the middle part of the brows going towards the tail with the Precision Eyebrow Tint, which has a four-point brush felt tip to mimic actual hair strokes.

Both of these products are waterproof and promise long-lasting pigment, even when sweating or swimming.

Kurniawan also shared his predictions for the next brow trend. “The trend of kilay will go back to the 90s kilay, which is thin but with a modern touch of a natural arch,” said Albert.

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Apart from the brow products, Teviant also launched other eye products, including Eye Intensifiers and Multi-Glaze Eyeshadow Pens in various colors, as well as an improved Liquid Eyeliner for a more defined eye look. 

Check out some of the new releases below:

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