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Sip in style with these Philippine-exclusive merch from Starbucks

Sip in style with these Philippine-exclusive merch from Starbucks

Launching its spring 2023 collection

As the weather slowly warms up, it’s time to adapt to the longer days ahead and stay up more than usual. Starbucks Philippines is offering exclusive merchandise this spring featuring locally developed items that you can use to stay cool (literally and figuratively) while keeping yourself awake and hydrated throughout the day.

This season, the company is also bringing back new and returning favorites to their lineup, including pastries, favorite drinks, and collectibles, ensuring that we’ll bloom this season with Starbucks’ newest offerings.

For coffee lovers who need a caffeine kick to start their mornings, Starbucks is launching its new Pistachio White Chocolate Macchiato. This coffee will give you salty-sweet white chocolate flavors with hints of rich coffee and sweet nuts, brought by their signature espresso and nutty pistachio.

The coffee company is also introducing its Syrup Deconstruction concept, allowing you to adjust the sweetness level of your drink by choosing from three options: Not Sweet, Less Sweet, or Regular, for a guilt-free satisfaction.

For foodies, crowd favorite Napoleones is making a comeback! You can savor the light, buttery, and flaky crust with smooth and creamy vanilla custard of Starbucks’s Napoleones during this limited-time offer.

This spring, the brand is offering its No Tuna Melt for vegans, featuring plant-based fish, cheese, and mayo dill dressing with high-fiber toasted bread for guiltless pleasure.

Starbucks will also be offering Philippine-exclusive reusable cups for their latest lineup. You can choose from hot and cold reusable cup variants from the Sakura season in purple and pink or from their modern and cool collection, which features a line-up of collectibles ranging from tumblers and mugs sporting subtle colors of green and pink.

For more information about their latest offerings, follow them here.

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