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Here’s how to take extra care of sensitive skin during the holidays

Here’s how to take extra care of sensitive skin during the holidays

Dermatologist and Aveeno PH talk about the power of natural ingredients 

Did you know that sensitive skin is not a skin type but a skin state? Garage learned more about sensitive skin triggers and how we can address them during the holidays and especially that office work is starting to go full force. 

During a roundtable discussion with skin expert and dermatologist Dr. Ayees Mendoza and Johnson & Johnson Research and Development Scientist for Skin Health, Chernis Low, we learned that dry skin, hormonal skin, sunburned, red, and eczema-prone skin are all sensitive skin. This is why it is important to pay attention to what our largest organ in our body is trying to tell us and more importantly, how we can address them. 

There are a couple of daily habits we are unaware of that causes dryness and skin sensitivity. Few of these include over-scrubbing in the shower, bathing in extreme water temperatures, and since office work is back, staying in air-conditioned spaces for too long is also one of the main culprits. 

“Prolonged stay in an air-conditioned environment takes away the hydration of the skin,” said Dr. Ayees. “My advice to those who are usually working in offices is to have your moisturizer in your bag so you can hydrate your skin during your dead time.” 

Aveeno is also recommended by dermatologists as their products are thoughtfully formulated for sensitive skin being free of parabens, phthalates, and dyes. Chernis Low shared, “We are mindful of our consumers’ concern, and seek to address their needs by unlocking the power of natural ingredients in our science-backed solutions.”

Aveeno has a special line of moisturizers to address different types of skin dryness and sensitivity. Aveeno’s Daily Moisture is for people with normal/ sensitive skin; Aveeno Skin Relief helps restore moisture loss, soothes, and relieves dryness providing long-lasting protection with its triple oat complex and natural colloidal oats; and Aveeno Dexerma which is a specialized line for eczema-prone skin combining triple oats and ceramides.

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Dr. Ayees also shared how we can keep the skin healthy during the holidays. She advised to keep antihistamines handy especially for those who have food allergies that cause skin flare-ups as well as to be careful with gifted skincare and makeup products. She advised on doing patch tests on the back of the ear or at the neck area as these skin areas are the most similar to the skin on our face. 

Aveeno’s new and improved line now has +50 percent more oat extract in prebiotic triple oat complex for immediate relief from your dry and itchy skin in as fast as 60 seconds.

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