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Everything you need to know about Asia’s first-ever digital business card

Everything you need to know about Asia’s first-ever digital business card

Tap To Connect not only hosts data exchange but also forwards tech advancements

Physical business cards have its pros but one cannot deny the hassle it also brings. How many times have you lost a card without saving the details on it? How many times have you reprinted because data is already outdated?

Whatever the reason may be, you can now enjoy more perks of having digital business cards with Tap To Connect, the latest product buy On The Spot Innovations.

More than data exchange and payments, Tap To Connect (TTC) business cards could go as far as unlocking one’s own car to even charging devices wirelessly. With just one tap, you can build connections with businesses, brands, organizations, and individuals. 

These digital cards are ready to use, features Near Field Communication (NFC) and Quick Response (QR) technologies, for easier data transfer, as well as the cards being waterproof and customizable. TTC utilizes a secured network as they work with Cloudflare in providing security from malicious activities as well as abiding Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) checklist standard for developers and web application security. 

Using digital business cards is easier than you think. Card owners can just tap it on one’s device and share information once it detects the NFC tag or scan the QR code at the back of the card if the person on the receiving end doesn’t have an NFC tag reader. This does not only promote efficiency, but also sustainability versus the reproduction costs of physical cards.  

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TTC also offers customizable cards that come in premium and standard iterations. Premium cards can include your logo and full name which comes in vinyl, carbon, bamboo, and metal materials while the standard card comes in colors of flamingo pink, matte white, and matte black. 

For more information about Tap To Connect, visit their website

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