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WATCH: Loewe presents living garments for spring-summer 2023

WATCH: Loewe presents living garments for spring-summer 2023

Creative director Jonathan Anderson fused fashion and gardening

Jonathan Anderson’s creativity, quirkiness, and innovation once again shined through his recent Loewe spring-summer presentation. The designer married tech, nature, and fashion, bringing forth another definition for sustainable clothing. Jonathan collaborated with bio-designer Paula Ulargui Escalona, who experimented with cultivating plants onto fabric and garment.

The looks in his collection featured tablets installed in coats and used as face masks; long coats with phone holders, puff sneakers, the puzzle and goya bags; and the collaborative pieces of growing greenery on footwear, jeans, and outerwear. 

“Birds flying, fish swimming, water dripping and humans kissing on screens. The real and the digitally reproduced. Nature and technology meet within a glaringly white, mind-expanding environment. A collection that juxtaposes to entice new perspectives,” shared the brand. 

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Through the brand’s Tiktok account, they shared how plants were grown through the garments and what kind of maintenance it needs to be runway-ready. 

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