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‘It’s Vintage’ is a piece of fashion heaven on earth

‘It’s Vintage’ is a piece of fashion heaven on earth

Time to plan your next vintage haul

“Vintage! So adorable!” I couldn’t help but be reminded of this quote from “Mean Girls” when I came across the It’s Vintage store. The wardrobe curation could easily mirror your mom’s closet in the ‘80s, banking on pieces that actually translate well to today’s aesthetic.

Personally, I love vintage stuff. There’s something about them being timeless and classic that’s right up my alley. If you think about it, they’re sustainable as well. That’s why for vintage-lovers, this new shop put up by Fed Pua can be considered as a piece of fashion heaven on earth. 

It’s Vintage is not like the usual thrift store where you have to dig for hours to find “treasure” pieces because Fed has already done the tedious legwork. From racks and racks of concert tees, anime-themed tops, ‘90s shirts, Levi’s jeans, and even Carhartt jackets, visiting “It’s Vintage” could possibly lead to our next big vintage haul.

Garage chats with Fed about his love for vintage items, revealing how his shop came about, the most valuable item Fed has sourced for himself, the coolest items currently available at It’s Vintage, and what we can look forward to from them this year. Read through our chat below:

How did your love for vintage stuff start?

My love for vintage started during one of my first trips to Japan when I first visited a vintage clothing store. I instantly fell in love and at home with everything about it.

As a vintage lover, what’s your most treasured piece in your personal collection?

I have some souvenir jackets from the ‘70s from when Subic Bay was still a Naval Base. I also have a couple of Fleetwood Mac concert tees from the ‘80s which I love and wear almost every day.

What made you decide to put up It’s Vintage?

It started off with pop up shops. I would handpick every piece during my trips abroad and collect them till I had enough to sell in a one weekend popup shop.

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In your opinion, what is the coolest item you’re able to source for It’s Vintage?

Too many to remember to be honest. Deadstock Fiorucci angel tees from the ‘80s, Sailor Moon baby tees from the ‘90s, The Smiths bootleg tees from the ‘70s, to name a few.

What are the best-sellers?

The tees and jackets mostly!

What can we expect from It’s Vintage in the near future?

We’re moving from our space now to a new location soon to accommodate our growing customer base.

Do you plan to expand your selection and It’s Vintage merchandise?

Yes! A lot of our customers have asked us to stock more womenswear and jewelry so I’ll be doing a buying trip to source them in a couple of months.

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