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LOOK: Dress like Marvel superheroes but make it fashion

LOOK: Dress like Marvel superheroes but make it fashion

Take if from Wisdom Kaye, the best-dressed guy on Tiktok

If you’re on TikTok and you consider yourself a fashion kid, it would be a shame to not know who Wisdom Kaye is. But if you’re a TikTok newbie, we’ll give you some introduction. Wisdom started off as a fashionista who likes to showcase his varied style on the platform. He transformed parking lots and his room into a runway to show off his outfit. 

With it, the social media star has gained so much following and fans up to the point where brands started reaching out to him, and was even asked to walk for fashion shows. Vogue even named him “the best-dressed guy on TikTok.” 

Wisdom is also known for doing style challenges asked by his followers. One popular request is his interpretation of cartoon characters. From “Adult Swim” characters, to anime heroes and villains, Wisdom got it covered. 

Getting massive traction today is his interpretation of Marvel characters. With over 20 million views in total, one will be lying if he said he’s not impressed. 

From Dr. Strange’s red cape, Hulk’s voluminous form, a number of Iron Man’s suits, to looks of Thor, Antman, and Black Panther, stop your jaw from dropping for these looks are beyond super.  


Reply to @phuquy.bui no ant-men were harmed during the making of this video

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Featured image source: Wisdom Kaye’s Instagram

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