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LOOK: This local brand offers sustainable eyewear and eco-friendly timepieces

LOOK: This local brand offers sustainable eyewear and eco-friendly timepieces

Wodd PH is a multi-awarded brand with extensive environmental goals

Being in the tropics, one accessory piece that is a must-have for summer lovers is a pair of shades. Filipinos have always loved exploring the islands, especially the ones with pristine beaches. With this, one cannot forget a pair of sunglasses for essential sun protection as well as for style purposes. That is why it is such a smart idea to come up with a brand that is not just trendy but also sustainable

Wodd PH, a first-of-its-kind sunglasses brand, is made of bamboo and wood. Established in 2018, it was founded by a group of friends who love adventure and are advocates of sustainability. “One of the reasons we have launched a fashionable, durable, and trendy product is our advocacy for sustainability. It is our passion and it is our identity,” shares Dr. Stephene Roy C. Condino, president of Wodd PH. 

Aside from their sustainability efforts of limiting the use of plastics, Wodd PH has also committed themselves to Haribon Foundation. As a bronze member, a tree is planted for every sunglass purchased from the brand.

Wodd PH’s sunglasses sport several innovations including handmade authentic bamboo frames, the latest technology of Cat. 3 UV400 lenses, polarized lenses that provide superior protection, and spring hinges which make the frames as durable as possible. 

In this exclusive, Garage chats with Dr. Condino, president and founder, to get deeper insights on the brand and what to look forward to from Wodd PH in the future. 

Among all things sustainable, why sunglasses and watches? 

As one of the co-founders of Wodd PH, we decided to come up with sunglasses and watches because we were thinking about something trendy and unique in the market, and which are also practical. We have seen the rise of plastic and non-recyclable products in the market, and we saw so much potential in sunglasses and watches. The majority of these sunglasses and watches available in the market are made of plastic that could harm the environment. It also contributes to climate change.

Why call the brand Wodd?

It is an offshoot idea of coming up with a different name aside from wood, which is the primary material we use for our sunglasses and watches together with bamboo. I am Dr. Stephene Roy C. Condino, MBA and together with my business partner Mr. Carmelo Valencia, we think this is the next big thing that could change the market landscape since it is the first of its kind.

Can you share more about your sustainable line of watches? What key features should we look for?

We launched the watch line two months ago. In the first month, we ran out of stocks. Our Wodd watches have five models: Wolford, Wellspring, Westwood, Willstone, and Westhorn. Each model is carefully crafted and handmade. Each watch is unique since the material used for one is unique from the other. For example, for the Wellspring variant, we use polyester wood. On the other hand, the Willstone model has a blue dial in the watch that stands out because it is made from black sandalwood and zebrawood. As for the Westhorn, it has sandalwood and zebra wood combined.

Are your sunglasses cases made of cork? Can you tell us more about this? 

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Our cases are made from cork that can be folded flat if one wears their sunglasses outdoors or while driving. It adds comfort and ease to the user, and it has a personal touch that will surely stand out in the crowd. It also limits the size of the sunglass case which one can quickly put into their pocket or backpacks while in transit. 

Are your tag loops also made of abaca strings? 

It is also in line with the materials that we use for our bamboo sunglasses and watches. The abaca is a leaf fibre and is prized for its great mechanical strength, resistance to saltwater damage, and long fibre length of up to 3 meters. 

What can we look forward to from Wodd in the future? 

We make sure that these companies which we work with are local and have the same sustainability advocacy as ours. The list of these exclusive retailers is submitted to Haribon every end of the month for alignment. We are the fastest-growing eyewear brand in the Philippines today. 

We are also a multi-awarded brand. For the first six months of this year, we have already received four awards. These awards came from Q Asia Publication, Elite Business, Leadership Award, Best Choice Awards, and the National Customers Choice Awards (NCCA). These awards consider Wodd PH the “best premier bamboo eyewear and sunglasses brand in the Philippines for 2021.”

So in the future, we expect to receive additional awards that solidify our position as a leading bamboo sunglasses and watch brand in the Philippines. Also, we are going to launch new models of sunglasses in the next few months, with polarized colored lenses and full bamboo frames. As for the watches, we will release the new waterproof and automatic watches that are perfect for those who love going to the beach, surfing, or mountain climbing.

Visit Wodd PH’s website to see where you can find their pieces.

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