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Hanging loose in Hawaii with Andre Brouillette

Hanging loose in Hawaii with Andre Brouillette

We caught up with the ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ former housemate and Garage cover guy

You are considered lucky if you live near the beach, especially in times like these when lockdowns and quarantines are imposed for extended periods of time. One Garage cover guy we know who’s feeling blessed and stoked all the time is Andre Brouillette, not only because he’s spending most of his time in the tropical paradise of Hawaii but also because of his refreshed faith. 

We caught up with the 24-year-old Hawaiian native to learn how he’s keeping up with the current COVID-19 situation. Aside from “quaranthings,” we also asked about beaches in Maui because we’re really envious of his scenic photos. We couldn’t help but wonder about his current fitness routine as well because he’s looking more ripped than ever!  

On this Garage exclusive, Andre let’s us in on what he’s currently busy with, his fitness lifestyle, how his fashion sense is evolving, his must-see spots in Hawaii, what he misses the most in the Philippines, and his new found role in the ministry. Read through our exchange below: 

What’s the biggest lesson this pandemic has taught you?

The pandemic helped me realize the importance of spending time with loved ones. Anything and everything can suddenly change in an instant so learn how to appreciate the things we’re blessed with.

What’s keeping you busy at the moment?

I do online streaming three times a week on Kumu where I open up God’s Word and also feature special guests to talk about faith and showcase their talents.

How do you keep yourself fit? What’s your fitness routine like as of the moment?

I enjoy staying active. I love activities such as surfing, cliff jumping, hiking, and boxing. Lately I haven’t been working out but have been constantly walking and doing outdoor activities. This alongside a diet with a lot of vegetables and protein keeps me fit.

Have you always loved surfing?

I grew up doing bodyboarding, which is riding the wave without standing up. Recently, in the past few weeks, I finally started surfing which I now enjoy very much. There was a surfing instructor in Maui that taught me the basics using a longboard. Surfing requires more balance and timing.

What do you like most about riding the tide?

The momentum and speed when finally catching the wave is such an awesome feeling. Steering and turning the board throughout the ride is also very fun and challenging.

What’s the biggest lesson surfing has taught you?

Surfing is all about timing and balance. Paddling fast and hard is essential for catching the wave or else you’ll miss it by a second.

In terms of style, has it changed ever since you were on our cover?

Yes, I’ve been more into jeans and button up shirts lately. Also been using a variety of sunglasses to change up my look.

What’s your grooming routine like?

I like to always keep a clean shave in the morning. Also after my morning shower and drying with a towel, I apply wax in my hair and comb it the way I like to so it has a slight wet look. Also I apply face moisturizer in the morning and cologne.

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If it’s our first time in Hawaii, where would you take us and why? 

Definitely Mauna Kea on Big island—best place in the world to see the stars. The sky is like glitter. Aslo my favorite beach is called Hapuna, where I enjoy watching the sunset with friends and food.

What do you miss the most about the Philippines?

I miss the food and my friends that I made there. Also I enjoy the variety of fashions available and they are easy to purchase.

What can we look forward to from Andre?

Everyday God reveals something new to my life. I’m looking forward to where the Lord takes me. I believe God put it in my heart to take a more active role in ministry and spreading the good news about Jesus. Also my passion in the entertainment industry right now is more focused on acting. Be prepared for a motivated, refreshed, and driven Andre to grow and excel in anything put before him.

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