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Poison Doughnuts x Kikkoman pastry creations are definitely one of a kind

Poison Doughnuts x Kikkoman pastry creations are definitely one of a kind

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Throughout the pandemic, we have been blessed with a number of delectable eats and among those are doughnuts. From milk tea-flavored and mochi-like ones to the kind that sandwiches glossy strawberries, there are so many kinds of doughnuts to satisfy your sweet cravings you’d think we’ve had enough. But, of course, there is always room for another. This time, it incorporates a salty condiment that’s a staple in any Filipino kitchen.

Makati-based cafe Poison Coffee and Doughnuts collaborates with Japanese brand Kikkoman to bring a series of doughnut creations that puts a spotlight on soy sauce, locally known as toyo. Described as “Doughnuts with a Kikk,” the doughnut line features three variants merging the cafe’s signature creations and the taste of soy sauce.

First is the Kikko Man, a doughnut filled with soy sauce buttercream and coated with soy sauce glaze. Kikko Shoyu Bonito doughnut has wasabi flavor infused in its white chocolate glaze and has a soy sauce frosting and bonito flakes. Lastly, the Kikkonana, a dusted soy sauce and miso glazed doughnut filled with banana pudding.

Each doughnut costs P105 per piece. To order, you can check out via Poison’s Pickup, Tasteless Food Group, The Grid, or GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Pickaroo.

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Text by John Legaspi

This article first appeared on Manila Bulletin Lifestyle

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