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Here’s one thirst trap you’d definitely want to checkout

Here’s one thirst trap you’d definitely want to checkout

Get hydrated with AIESEC in Ateneo x Hydro Flask 

When the heat index passed the 40°C mark last month, dehydration was one of the most common problems that arose during summer. If you’ve experienced fatigue, migraine, dry mouth, or thirst, then you’ve probably suffered from dehydration. 

As we come to the tail end of the bronzed season, it is still essential to maintain good hydration practices like drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day. With this, our friends at AIESEC in Ateneo have launched a series of insulated water bottles featuring three of Hydro Flask’s bestselling colorways—Rain, Alpine, and Pacific. 

“Go beyond waters with AIESEC in Ateneo x Hydro Flask’s first and finest co-branding initiative! Available for a limited amount of time with limited stocks only. You would definitely want to get your hands on the perfect jug to quench your thirst,” the student organization posted on Instagram. “As we strive to work toward the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, AIESEC in Ateneo has curated three limited-edition designs with Hydro Flask which aim to promote responsible consumption and production, and climate action.”

For only P2,199, get to own a limited-edition AIESEC in Ateneo x Hydro Flask water bottle and get the ultimate hydration while looking all stylish at the same time. Pre-orders end on June 16, 2021. 

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To purchase, fill out the order form here:

Learn more about AIESEC in Ateneo by following them on Facebook. For more about Hydro Flask, visit their online store here.

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