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Arte Tattoo: A different kind of healing through self-expression

Arte Tattoo: A different kind of healing through self-expression

During uncertain times, one really needs to find their peace with everything that is going on. This, in turn, usually involves a lot of internal work, including self-care, healing, and meditation. The usual recourse catering to these needs would be at-home spa treatments, elaborate exercises, or, if you dare, physical massages. But did you know you can also achieve healing through tattoo art?

Tattoo by Ariel Villacarlos

“Tattoos can represent so many things. It can be spiritual, it can be milestones in your life you want to remember, it’s a window to your soul,” says Patty Tiu-Thompson of Arte Tattoo. “For us, tattoos help shape a person into a new version of themselves. We are always changing, but sometimes society feeds us a certain way of idealism that makes it hard for us to break out of a box that we have been placed in. We at Arte Tattoo want to keep spreading our message of kindness, healing, and meditation through tattooing.”

Established in 2013, Arte Tattoo was founded by Charles Arteta and Kel Laquin as a home tattoo studio. A year later, Patty Tiu-Thompson, one of the brand’s loyal clients, became a partner of Charles and Kel. Today, Arte has developed itself to be the go-to place for tattoo lovers and first timers alike.

With a mission to create a safe space for those who want to improve their internal and external self through the art of tattoos, Arte houses 12 artists under its roster: Charles Arteta (fine line expert), Denzio Hilapo (micro tattoos and illustrative), Eric Manio (realism and black and grey tattoo), Argel Del San (embroidery patch stickers and minimalism), Ogie Gabuten (Japanese art), Alethia Elwood (handpoked manifestation), Nat Ancheta (illustrative), Don Asuncion (neo-traditional), Ariel Villacarlos (colored and realism), Alvin Taruc (black and gray, and colored), and Auds Tamayo and Patty Tiu-Thompson (piercing specialists).

Tattoo art by Ogie Gabuten

Like any other industry, tattoo art service also observed the devastating effects of the pandemic. Just like anything that involves physical contact, businesses like tattoo services were not seen by many as a procedure to avail of during these times. Arte Tattoo, however, is a space wherein COVID-19 mandated regulations are being met and followed.

“All shops are regularly sanitized, and we encourage all clients to adhere to our strict health protocols. Only scheduled clients (no companions) are allowed in the studio schedules, and slots are only limited for a number of people,” Patty shares. “Masks and face shields are to be worn at all times. Contact tracing and health declaration form via QR code. All Arte Tattoo artists wear personal protective equipment including jumpsuits, gloves, face masks, face shields, etc.”

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Arte Tattoo is located in Poblacion, Makati City; Malingap, QC; and Telebastagan San Fernando, Pampanga. Arte Tattoo accepts walk-in clients from Wednesday to Sunday, and by appointment Mondays and Tuesdays. For inquiries and reservations, call mobile no. 09390266782. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

This article first appeared in Manila Bulletin

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