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This revolutionary device aims to provide better alternate smoking experience

This revolutionary device aims to provide better alternate smoking experience

If you’re looking for a smoking alternative, you should consider MOK 2.0, a sophisticated electronic device which gives adult smokers even better tobacco experience. This device which highlights its unique heating pin utilizes “heat-not-burn” technology which significantly allows the reduction of harmful chemicals compared to actual cigarette smoke. This technology heats the tobacco enough to release a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor without burning the tobacco itself, making the experience less harmful to the smoker and the environment.

During the virtual launch earlier this month, MOK Philippines unveiled the latest device in their heat-not-burn product line, the MOK 2.0, an ultra-lightweight and compact device that embodies taste, tech, and style with its high-tech OLED panel, fast pre-heating cycles, fast charging feature, and premium colorways of brown, gold, and blue.

“This is the most premium MOK device that’s out in the market. The new MOK 2.0 boasts of defined, angular shapes that’s distinct and truly elegant on its own. Again, still ultra-lightweight, still compact, and its matte metallic finish furthers MOK’s signature of sophistication,” shares Cax Mayuga, MOK Philippines’ Marketing Director.

MOK mini

There was also a surprise reveal of the MOK mini Plus—a device that has an even more compact form factor, which consumers loved in the first generation MOK mini, but with further improvements to perfect its minimalism and functionality. MOK mini Plus has a faster pre-heating cycle and now comes in a matte metallic finish for that super sleek look.

“MOK continuously innovates and adapts to more advanced technology to give a better alternative to cigarettes, without foregoing the pleasurable tobacco experience. It’s the brand of innovation that we are so proud to uphold and share with all adult smokers,” adds Mayuga.

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MOK 2.0 is the flagship product of a new line of MOK products and is now available in MOK official stores.

Image source: MOK website

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