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Converse X Garage: Actor/dancer Daniel Delgado is all about the power of performance art (and a classic pair of sneakers)

Converse X Garage: Actor/dancer Daniel Delgado is all about the power of performance art (and a classic pair of sneakers)

With just about anyone trying to become an influencer nowadays, relatability and authenticity have become even bigger factors that the youth look for among the people they follow online. That’s what the Converse X community is all about: A community united by their passion for style, art, and music, unafraid to express their genuine personalities and creativity who is independent enough not to follow. Converse created Converse X as a platform for expression of young talents in the industry and as Converse X community arises, we shine light to another revolutionised Converse sneakers, Chucks 70s and ERX which are highlighted on this project. With the X community’s exposure through events, shoots, and collaborations, we created a lifestyle shoot where X member Eissel Buencamino co-directed the shoot with her artistic skills and Catherine Victoriano co-styling the wardrobe putting her contemporary way of dressing up to use, here’s an off-court inspired shoot with Converse X kids and Garage editors as a nod to the original basketball shoe brand.

One of them is performer Daniel Delgado, whose playground has long been the stage, whether as a Repertory Philippines cast member or as part of the hip-hop dance group The Alliance PH. “I love theater because I get to portray different people from different walks of life. It gives me a deeper understanding of humanity,” he says. Normally reserved, he becomes “loud” when he’s performing. “Dancing and acting give me fulfillment, knowing that I get to touch the hearts of the audiences through the art forms that I love the most.” More than entertaining, though, Delgado wants to help his fellow youth become more socially aware. To match his audience-captivating moves, he’s comfortable with the ’90s vibe of the Converse ERX 260 Jewel.

(From left to right) On Fino: ERX 260 Jewel and hoodie, both from CONVERSE. Joggers, BENCH. Tri-color jacket, FOREVER21. On Dan: ERX 260 Jewel, printed shirt, and cap, all from CONVERSE. Joggers, BENCH. On Kimson: ERX 260 Metal, joggers, and long-sleeved t-shirt, all CONVERSE.

How would you describe the Converse X community?
The Converse X community is very well-rounded. They don’t stick to just one thing; they’re out there doing everything, and they’re hella good at it. Whether in fashion, art, you name it: They’re all fashion killers. Fresh, hungry for growth, and all young bloods who are killing the game.

What is your daily style?
I’ve been a huge, huge fan of Tyler the Creator since the release of Goblin. He is my inspiration when it comes to fashion. I like all my tops colorful and oversized, I like wearing cropped denims or pants, and I always, always complete my look with white socks and a pair of Converse.

ERX 260 Jewel, joggers, and t-shirt, all from CONVERSE. Bomber jacket, BENCH.

What about when you’re offtstage?
I like to keep it normcore. I try to stay old school and classic like that. I usually score finds at an ukay-ukay; I swear, I rarely shop at malls for clothes. Offstage, I’m usually in oversized jackets and vibrant-colored tops matched with cropped slacks. And like I said, I always got to have the white socks and the Cons.

What inspires you to keep moving forward?
Living life to the fullest. Knowing every day that I am blessed, and being thankful for my gifts. I also want to stay grounded and humble, even as I slowly kill the game in my own way.

As a Converse X, how would you like to collaborate with the community even more?
Through the art of dancing. It would be such an honor to bring all the dancing communities together, not only through dancing but also through sharing one common thing: the perfect pair of Converse for our art.

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How do you spark creativity in your daily life?
By just being me. By letting my uniqueness flow. Creativity is a way of life. By being myself, I get to explore different sides of me. I find joy in learning, and that is how I hone my own creativity, whether in art or in fashion.

Photography: Erwin Canlas
Sittings editor: Rey Ilagan
Art direction: Eissel Buencamino
Stylists: Catherine Victoriano assisted by Jerico Villamonte
Producer: Yzza Hablado
Make-up artist: Chuchie Ledesma
Hairstylist: Mary Josephine Sanchez
Videographers: Ayens Rivera and Marella Gaspar
Shot on location at Paco Arena Events and Sports Center


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