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2019 Trendcasting: New strides in men’s grooming to look into

2019 Trendcasting: New strides in men’s grooming to look into

What trends in skincare and grooming did you fall for in 2018? Did you slather on that aloe vera gel on your face before going to bed or spritz some rose water on your visage during mid-day?

But the only question that actually matters is, did they work for you? Whether you caught these trends on social media or your trusted dermatologist told you about them, how many more minutes are you still willing to sacrifice to these skincare “hacks” to get your skin flawless? How much more are you willing to spend for that so-called cult favorite facial in the coming year? To help you get sorted, we’ve researched on some predicted grooming trends for 2019 that you can look into in your continuing journey towards looking your best.


More production of sustainable products
Who would have thought that there will come a time when lotions can be used sans containers? One of the brands pioneering this kind of sustainability is Lush. The brand calls their line of container-less merchandise “naked” products, with the shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, and lotions coming in solid form and thus with zero packaging. They also encourage  shoppers to bring their own scarves whenever they shop at Lush boutiques to lessen their use of shopping bags. Another brand that promotes sustainability is The Body Shop, which has taken steps to make their containers biodegradable and their production measures more aligned with “green chemistry,” which has the brand reducing the use or production of chemicals and ensuring a lowered water volume use to dilute its products. The less water movement is not only beneficial to the environment but also to consumers, because products are more effective when their formulas are more concentrated. In the coming years, expect more water-less products from the likes of mass market brands L’Oreal and Unilever.


Less is more
I don’t know how you’ll feel about this, but skip-care is the new skincare. Say goodbye to your 48-step routine because less will be more. As the hybrid word’s first part indicates, this trend, brought to us by the K-beauty world, will have people, both men and women, skipping on the unnecessary steps and focusing only on the essentials. But don’t throw away your products yet: Skip-care is about reevaluating your skin’s real needs and what ingredients and products can address them effectively. Instead of buying every new product that promises skin brightening, exfoliation, tightening, hydration, detoxification, etc., study your existing skincare arsenal first and evaluate which products work for you best. Anything else that doesn’t gets booted out.

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Embracing makeup 
Thick brows: Check. Drunk blush: Check. Eyeshadow? Insert Jonathan Van Ness’ can you believe GIF here. Another trend that K-pop stars are rocking now (and will have more guys getting into soon) are eye makeup. Sure, rockstars have been sporting raccoon-like looks for decades, but the boys of Monsta X are showing younger generations how to get into eyeliners and even some eye shadow. It’s not so impossible to soon scroll down your timelines and see selfies of dudes sporting cat-eye makeup.

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It’s all in the eyes
I used to believe that wearing gray contact lenses back when I was a freshman in college was one of my biggest mistakes; I’m now re-thinking of committing the same mistake again. James Reid wears colored contacts at times, as well as the stars of Monsta X, so while light-colored contact lens may so far be a thing only among influencers, who knows whether or not their fans will succumb to this trend?

Image via Mac Igarta’s Instagram


’80s hair revival
We’ve seen the runways for 2019 (and even interpreted what they spell for next year’s fashion scene) and although we’ve raised our eyebrows on some of the looks, we can’t help but notice the rise of ’80s hair eleganza. There’s the mullet, the Jheri curl, and the wet-look pompadour. From Jon Bon Jovi levels of volume to the healthy and lush curls of Slash, make sure to watch out for which images of throwback rock icons your barbers will be putting up on their walls as pegs.

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