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This new gin-eration of drinks comes in refreshing colors and flavors

This new gin-eration of drinks comes in refreshing colors and flavors

Rollin’ down the street
Smokin’ indo
Sippin’ on gin and juice (Laid back)
Wit’ my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Back when you were still too young to drink alcohol legally, it was really fun to posture-rap along to this seminal ‘90s jam (by the way, for the clueless youths out there, it’s Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”).

It’s still a bop today, no doubt, but when you’re at an age when you finally drink whatever you want whenever you want, your tipple of choice shouldn’t be as simple as the gin and juice combo you’ve inherited from your dad, your titos, and even the tito of all of our dreams, Uncle Snoop.

Guests enjoying The Bar’s new gin flavors

See, the local drinking culture is so much more sophisticated now. With the variety of choices available in the market, inuman sessions are no longer just about getting inebriated enough to let your defenses down for some soul-sharing (or multiple rounds of videoke). They’re also about enjoying what you’re actually drinking, even before the effects of alcohol kick in.

Take pink gin, currently a trending drink worldwide. In contrast to the austerity of the traditional clear gin, its rosy hue makes it look much more innocuous and inviting. From sight alone, you know this drink is special. And once it hits your tongue, that delicious infusion of berry is really refreshing on the palate—a perfect balance of sweetness and bitterness, it kinda makes you feel bad for your dad and his friends because they didn’t get to discover its tasty magic when they were much younger.

The Bar’s new line: (from left) Clear with botanicals from Spain, berry delicious Pink, and very refreshing Lime.

Pink gin is just one part of Emperador’s new lineup of drinks for the new gin-eration (pun totally intended). Infused with fruits and flavored with botanicals imported from Spain, they’re full-bodied enough for a fun drinking session, but also light and enjoyable enough to be enjoyed even during daytime, when you need a refreshing tipple to counter the heat and humidity. Its pretty shade also makes it the perfect romantic ambiance-setting element for date night—a drink to celebrate a new be-gin-ning (pun again intended).

Enjoy the blushing shade of the Berry Delicious-flavored pink gin, savor the invigorating Very Refreshing lime, and feel like a proper grownup with the classic Clear starting today, September 12, when this gin for the new generation hits the shelves of your local 7 Eleven and becomes available on

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Derrick Monasterio, Kiko Estrada, and Chi Filomeno are presented as the new The Bar ambassadors

Ushering in this new gin-eration was a party at The Island at The Palace in Bonifacio Global City with Emperador Distillers’s announcement of celebrities Chienna Filomeno, Derrick Monasterio, and Kiko Estrada as ambassadors of The Bar Premium Gin. Others personalities present during the launch festivities were Ace Yabut, Steve Eigenmann, Chin Chin Obcena, Ken Monares, Kas Perez, Eric Cua, Chelsey Singson, Justin Torio, Christian Tiu, Aisa Ipac, and Katt Valdez.

The crowd enjoying cool drinks and music at the event

Guest performers The Ransom Collective and DJ Butta B (also known as Bea Alonso-Te) added much flavor and punch to the evening’s fun-filled party with their high energy musical numbers.

Taste the gin of the next generation!

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