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Style Spotlight: Queer Eye style guru Tan France

Style Spotlight: Queer Eye style guru Tan France

I grew up watching Queer Eye For The Straight Guy when I was in my teens, and over a decade after Version 1 ended, it’s back! Now simply called Queer Eye, the show is here to help out men with interior design, food choices, grooming, culture, and of course, fashion. But this time, they are not only doing “make-better” for straight guys alone.

The current Fab Five are Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and our style star for this week, Tan France.

Quick overview: France is a British-Pakistani fashion designer and now the style guru for the series reboot. Although France has said that he is not made for television, his work in front of the camera so far says otherwise. Check out this interview he did for The New York Post, sharing how he thought he messed up his part and how he ended up a selfie with Bon Jovi. Yes, the Jon Bon Jovi. And take note: the rock star was the one to stop France and ask for a picture together.

As we break down the personal style of a style guru, we’ll try not to compare it to that of his Queer Eye predecessor, the style superstar Carson Kressly (who is happily serving as a judge on in RuPaul’s Drag Race nowadays) from way back in the show’s first ever season.

Blue, black, gray, white, and tanwe know what your favorite colors are, Tan.

We also see how you like minimal layering

And how you get playful with prints and co-workers. You see, Carson likes prints too but the way you wear it is more laidback and relaxed.

Based on France’s OOTD posts, he swears by boots, sneakers, and nice-fitting silhouettes. Also, kudos to him for not being afraid to repeat pieces from his wardrobe for his OOTD’s. He has also revealed, via Huffington Post, that people must have staples in their closets, and that fashion is way different from style. Now, I am not only shamelessly repeating wearing my own clothes but also the new Queer Eye episodes on Netflix (that is, once I am able to avail my own subscription and finally stop piggybacking on someone else’s account).

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By the way, did you know style and design aren’t the only things Tan France is good at? He can twerk pretty well too!





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