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The gadgets we love that cost less than Php10,000

The gadgets we love that cost less than Php10,000

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly on your phone, tap-tapping away at the screen. And while smartphones may be your most used device, there are other gadgets that have made your life a little bit easier. This week, we share our favorite small gadgets that are all under Php10,000—and maybe you’ll even find some ideas for presents this holiday season.

JBL E55BT Quincy Edition wireless over-ear headphones, Php8,999
So I don’t really own a pair of these headphones yet. What I do have—and am quite happy with, may I add—are the JBL T450BT wireless over-ear headphones, which has survived months of use, including the ear pads getting sweated all over during jogging sessions. It kind of surprised me that unlike those from other, pricier headphone brands, the soft leather covering the T450BT pads still haven’t cracked or sagged. Great job, JBL. But after trying the Quincy out during a recent JBL event, I’m ready for an upgrade. Developed in partnership with the legendary Quincy Jones (his credits include Michael Jackson’s seminal record Off The Wall, plus Bad and Thriller, so show some respecT), it features the music producer’s voice as the device’s voice prompt—very hip, very cool. Of course, there’s the clear audio, the comfortable and form-fitting ear pads, and now, a 20-hour battery life. That, to me, means more music-powered protection from creeps who’d try to catcall or accost or sell me something while I’m out and about and just trying to get through the day. — September Grace Mahino, executive editor


Apricot USB OTG, 16GB/Php 999, 32GB/Php 1,299, 64GB/Php 1,999
This flash drive makes life convenient for Apple users. It easily transfers files, photos, and videos between the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and even PC computers—very user-friendly. It’s not only great for work when you need to back up office files, but also for when you need to transfer movies and photos to your mobile gadgets, because you no longer have to send each file via messaging apps or Bluetooth. It’s a big help for people who, like the Apricot USB OTG, are on-the-go. — Angelo Manalo, art director


Foldable Keyboard, Compex, Php1,900
With all the productivity and document apps available for the smartphone, it’s basically a tiny laptop that I use to edit and revise on the go. One thing that’s bothersome, though, is the on-screen keyboard. Doing revisions in an article is fine if all that are needed are changing a couple of words and revising a few sentences; it’d be like tapping out a text message. But if it’s a complicated correction that needs typing out about a thousand words and copy-pasting multiple passages of text, well then, forget it. And then this folding keyboard came into my life, and I couldn’t be any happier. Light, portable, and easy to use, this keyboard is the reason why I don’t panic each time I get an email about a revision. I just whip it out, connect it to my phone via Bluetooth, and get the job done. Even better, it’s micro-USB rechargeable and compatible with Apple iOS, Android, and Windows. — Didy Evangelista, features editor


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Powerbank Ye!! BR40, Php2,150
It was in 2013 when my iPhone5’s battery started to deteriorate and I had to charge it more than five times a day. You can imagine the hassle of trying to find an outlet while also trying to live my life. That’s why I got myself one of these. It has 5200mAh that can charge my current smartphone for three to four full cycles before it needs recharging itself. I’ve had it for four years, and the power bank still works fine. It also has fun features: shake-to-check battery status and shake-to-start charging functions, and a built-in USB cable for Android and an extra Lightning output for iPhones. It’s ultra slim at 130mm x 66mm x 9mm, and it comes in six different colors. One of my best buys, gadget-wise.— Poy Villamonte, style associate


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