Viral video application TikTok has been facing controversies lately, mainly because of the app allegedly being spyware, thus a threat to data privacy. Recently, according to LA Times, United States President Donald Trump signed an executive order (August 6) banning the app effective in 45 days.

The Chinese video-sharing social networking service is a source of entertainment and income for some. Now, the US is joining the likes of India and Hong Kong in banning the application. So what’s going to happen when the app is banned in the US? Socialite and blogger Bryan Boy explains, from the notice users will receive to the look of the “For You” page once the app is no longer working. The socialite also shared his advice to everyone milking the app for what it’s worth. Here’s the video:


What it’s like during a TikTok ban ##tiktokban

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Featured image: Courtesy of Bryan Boy’s Instagram