We’ve recently started September and so immediately, the holidays are just around the corner. Just in time for us to get in style for all of the end-of-the-year happenings, Bench presented their latest collections for the new season over the weekend, and they’re all about collaborations and luxewear, plus the search for the next batch of designers for the Bench Design Awards.

Day one: It was all about womenswear, with Lucy Torres-Gomez kicking off the show with the Paris-inspired pieces (silk drape skirts, cardigans, scarves) she had collaborated on with Kashieca. This was followed by another collaboration, this time between Patty Ang and Bench, with the designs fit for modern working girls in their playful colors of yellows, baby blues, and whites. Albert Andrada closed the day with his white structured pieces accentuated with with intricate detail such as ruffles, lace, and embellishments.

Day two: Streetwear fashion ruled as Human opened the show with pops of colors on every accessory, matching the stripes and prints seen on polo shirts and sweaters. New York designer Willy Chavarria had worked with Bench to present tailored trousers, cropped jackets, and sleeveless tops on the runway, and Japanese designer Mihara Yasuhiro played with layers of streetwear staples: patched outerwear, striped pants, zipper accents.

Day three: Tokyo Fashion Week found themselves some youngblood with the announcement of the Bench Design Awards’ newest winners. Among the nine participating designers—which included Robert Hiyas,  Marc Blanco, Benj RogandoMichael Bawar, Russell Villafuerte, and Candle Torreverdeemerged Antonina Amoncio, whose collection featured illustrations by her sister; the Vladimir Nabokov butterfly illustrations-inspired designs by Jeasar Quiambao; Bon Reyes‘ depiction of pre-colonial Filipino apparel for the label Hansen. All three will get to show their spring/summer 2020 collection in Japan this October.

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The journey culminates today. 💯Who among these 9 talented local designers goes to the Rakuten Tokyo Fashion Week. 🇯🇵 🇵🇭 The heat is definitely on. 🔥 Are you ready for Jury Night? All of the exquisite pieces hitting the runway in a few. 🧭 Stay posted! 👀 #Day3 #BFW_HOLIDAY19 —————————————–———⁠ Bench Design Awards FINALISTS ANTONINA⁠ Antonina Amoncio (@ninaamoncio)⁠ ROBERT ANDREW HIYAS⁠ Robert Hiyas (@robertandrewhiyas)⁠ HANSEN⁠ Bon Reyes (@hansen.studio)⁠ MARC BLANCO⁠ Marc Blanco (@_marcblanco)⁠ BRB⁠ Benj Rogando (@brbthelabel)⁠ JOSEPH BAWAR⁠ Michael Bawar (@josephbeee)⁠ STRONG VILLAGE⁠ Russell Villafuerte (@strong.village)⁠ JACE QUIAMBAO⁠ Jeasar Quiambao (@jace.quiambao)⁠ CANDLERAY⁠ Candle Torreverde (@candle_ray)⁠ #BENCHDESIGNAWARDS2019⁠ Drop by our IG Stories for exclusive access & follow #BFW_HOLIDAY19 and #BENCHDESIGNAWARDS2019 for all Fashion Week updates fresh from the runway! 💥👁

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