Who: A 15-year-old wonder kid with a taste for manifesting a full universe out of his imagination through fashion design and filmmaking

As a designer, what mark do you imagine making in the industry?
“I want to open people’s minds to dressing up loudly, to change the perception of it from something that’s ‘attention-seeking’ to something that is creative and expressive.”

Sexually confused for skeletons

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Are you pretty engaged with social media?
“I’m very active online because that’s where I discover things and people, but I unplug from it when I’m in school and bonding with friends.”

So one night I had a nosebleed and for some odd reason I wanted to shoot it HAHA

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Which recognizable other young talents do you admire the most?
“Jaden Smith and Billie Eilish.”

The best pro-tip you’ve heard that you’ll also pass on to someone else?
“Just do what you believe in, and never let what others say get you to stop.”

Jason Dhakal seen wearing the new OJK collection on his album cover.

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What keeps you optimistic?
“Whenever I see people wearing my clothes, because I know I made them confident.”

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The funniest joke you’ve ever heard?
“Someone once told me, ‘No one’s gonna like your jacket.’ Well, joke’s on them.”