Loewe’s Jonathan Anderson is one of these new, dynamic designers that we always look forward to seeing every season. Since his first collection in 2014 , he already made quite a stir with his creative, multicultural, conceptual take on the brand. If we look back from the Loewe of yore, the Loewe now is so totally different in which the brand has evolved into a much younger, more dynamic, more up to date without compromising its great Spanish heritage (leather-makers for Spanish royalty since 1846). Lifting up the idea of the brand into something more exciting, tangible, and even intellectual.

As we enter the Loewe headquarters at Rue Bonaparte in Paris we are greeted by wood shaving and wooden mouldings, a teasing preliminary to his fall-winter 2017 presentation.

Known for his very high-concept take on his designs, Anderson always manages to merge his ideas into tangible, wearable pieces of clothing. This season “workwear chic” is the key word. Anderson, inspired by the English Cornish coast, he breathes life into vibrant tartan plaids, shearling collared-coats, mélange of workwear elements that support his idea of “craft.” We see the idea of handcrafted pieces merged with a certain youthful eclecticism—like the rustic appeal of cable-knit sweaters, crafty appliquées on shirts, mismatched plaids, and wooly parkas /blankets , and of course leather accessories that are omnipresent to Loewe– all seem to work its way and create an experience totally unique to Andersons world.

Loewe is available in Rustan’s Department Store.
Text and photos by Mela de Luna