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This Belgian bag brand celebrates 30 years of heritage

This Belgian bag brand celebrates 30 years of heritage

Unveiling Hedgren’s first-ever signature logo

Hedgren has been one of the most trusted bag brands for functional excellence since 1993, while staying true to its Belgian roots. The brand has mastered the art of crafting durable bags with a focus on performance.

This year, Hedgren achieved another significant milestone by commemorating its 30th year in the industry. To mark this occasion, the brand revealed its inaugural signature logo, ushering in a new era.

To launch the new signature logo, Hedgren Philippines designed an exclusive pearl brooch resembling the new logo, inspired by the 30th-anniversary stone. The “H” logo represents the sustainable materials used in the brand’s products and symbolizes connectivity, bridging various elements of the logo, reflecting Hedgren’s commitment to connecting destinations, opportunities, people, and communities.

Furthermore, the brand explains that the horizontal figure 8 depicted in the logo represents boundless freedom and embodies Hedgren’s environmentally friendly and future-proof approach to design.

While trends may have come and gone over the past 30 years, the brand’s underlying philosophy remains unwavering. Hedgren’s ethos has always been to create bags, backpacks, and cases that blend functionality and aesthetics, catering to the practical needs of everyday life.

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