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ICYMI: The Galaxy Z Flip4 is getting Maison Margiela’s iconography

ICYMI: The Galaxy Z Flip4 is getting Maison Margiela’s iconography

Available in stores starting Dec. 1

Samsung Electronics is no stranger to collaborations. The brand has previously collaborated with equally well-known labels such as Starbucks, Laneige, and Thom Browne. For the first-time ever, Samsung’s Galaxy is partnering with Parisian fashion house Maison Margiela for a limited-edition series of the Galaxy Z Flip4.

With non-conformity in mind, Samsung and Maison Margiela came together to combine cutting-edge technology and high. “Samsung and Maison Margiela both believe in breaking with convention and allowing people to celebrate their individuality, and this is no exception,” says Stephanie Choi, EVP & CMO of Mobile Experience Business at Samsung Electronics. “With this collaboration, which combines groundbreaking technology and a unique design, we want you to be able to express your true authentic selves and celebrate what makes you unique.”

The Galaxy X Flip4 x Maison Margiela features a signature solid white color with a matte finish. It also embraces the house’s “décortiqué” technique, which strips an object’s outer layers to reveal its core, featuring fine, translucent lines exposing the internal circuits of the phone.

For the user experience (UX) design, the wallpaper and the icons are also tailor-made for this special edition boasting paintbrush artwork designed with an advanced 3D modeling technique to capture the texture of a rough brush stroke for that raw kind of feel.

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This series also comes with accessories including two interchangeable phone cases that feature the “bianchetto” design that is simplistic yet stylish and the brand’s iconic four-stitch emblem that signifies anonymity.

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