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Here’s one grocery with delivery service as fast as 20 minutes

Here’s one grocery with delivery service as fast as 20 minutes

Online shopping made easy by Pandamart

Do you still remember the time when grocery shopping used to be calming and even therapeutic? When the pandemic struck, gone were the days when pushing carts along isles of products were worry-free. Now, not only people are concerned about getting exposed to viruses and other diseases but price hikes of gas and commuting. 

Because of this, a lot of people resort to a safer and the more practical option of online shopping. This does not only lessen contact but also avoids long queues, traffic, and high cost of traveling. 

One online grocery shopping that does a good job when it comes to fulfilling grocery needs is Pandamart. Whether for personal needs or for the whole family, the app makes it easier to shop your essentials all in just one tap. 

Planning a meal prep? Whether you’re gearing up for a hearty meal with potatoes, carrots, apples, and other fruits or looking into treating yourself with delectable desserts, the store is a friend you can tap on. 

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Personal care essentials like bathroom must-haves, self-care products, or disinfectants for the house can also be handled by the app as well as other snack selections like potato chips, popcorn, crackers and chocolate bars. 

If your checklist is ready, you can download the app anytime at the Google Play store or Apple App store. 

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