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Meet Kun Boys, the homegrown activewear label to watch out for

Meet Kun Boys, the homegrown activewear label to watch out for

The brand is a perfect summer companion too!

Kun Boys, a Filipino activewear brand by Dale Villanueva, has been on our radar for a couple of weeks now. In fact, we’ve been seeing Insta guys wearing the brand’s signature ripped tank tops and since summer is here, we think it’s the perfect time to have a closer look at the brand.

“Working in beauty, we always talk about how with just a swipe of a lipstick can boost your confidence. This is something that I wanted to bring in, a label catering specific to boys (or if you’re one of the boys) where fitness and style come as one,” Dale shares about Kun Boys. “Kun activewear (@kun.boys) is a label that encourages you to feel good about yourself with garments designed to make you feel confident in your own skin!”

Aside from being a content producer and designer for his label, Dale is an e-commerce shop manager for a beauty brand in the Philippines. He is an avid fan of versatile garments that stand the test of time, making pieces from Kun Boys durable and nifty.

The launch collection for the brand called “Haru” is inspired by the Japanese word “spring” and influenced by new beginnings consisting of elevated everyday wear that focuses on style and comfort. Currently, the Haru collection includes ribbed tank tops, crop tops, and shorts in colors of acid gray, cool beige, steel blue plus rose and army for the limited-edition pieces.

On this exclusive, we caught up with Dale about his label, his own personal style, and what we can expect from the brand in the coming seasons. Check out our exchange below:

As a fashion designer, how would you describe your style?

Low effort, high impact. I find myself mixing and matching athleisure and casual wear so I can easily shut down after a day’s work and exercise. I only choose garments that I know will stand the test of time, or at least be flexibly/easily styled!

Will ribbed materials be an ongoing theme for your brand?

Ribbed knits are actually everywhere, from fashion giants to local businesses and definitely it’ll be here to stay! The material adds flair to any basic piece but of course this will not limit the garments Kun will release in the coming seasons.

Tell us more about the limited-edition pieces?

Haru summer ’22 collection is a limited drop only until the season ends. It is a play of colors in two tones that accentuates your natural body curves that you could bring to your next summer getaway.

How would you describe the boys who wear Kun?

What you think, you become. #KUNboys, as I collectively call ourselves, are empowered to overcome. We choose to feel good about ourselves.

So far, what’s your favorite piece and how do you like to style it?

My personal favorite is the Haru tank top in cool beige. I usually just wear high-waist straight cut trousers, and a blazer to match. It looks great for work, and play at night.

What can we look forward to in your future collection and do you have plans on expanding your merchandise?

Please look forward to a more sportswear style coming in the next quarter. Do follow us on Instagram @kun.boys as we create styling content soon in the months coming!

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