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Bryanboy and Bella Poarch meet at Valentino’s ‘Rendez-Vous’ show

Bryanboy and Bella Poarch meet at Valentino’s ‘Rendez-Vous’ show

‘It was also funny speaking to Bella in Tagalog,’ the OG fashion blogger says.

Long before everyone is crazy about social media, Bryanboy put the Philippines on the map when it comes to digital stardom thanks to his love for fashion. During Valentino’s spring-summer 2022 show called “Rendez-Vous,” the OG blogger meets the new generation of individuals making waves on the internet, one of them is Fil-Am Tiktok superstar Bella Poarch.

Through an Instagram post, Bryanboy shared how special the experience was getting to know them and how he felt chatting with Bella. “It was also funny speaking to Bella in Tagalog,” he said. “I love her so so much! I usually get so jealous of all my multilingual friends who secretly speak their native languages to each other and I finally got to do that.”

Sharing the front row with her made him reminisce on the day when he first got a spot that the most coveted row at a “fabulous fashion show.”

“It reminded me of the time when Dolce & Gabbana sat Tommy Ton and I on the front row in Milan alongside fashion veterans and the entire world went crazy,” he said. “It made the front page of the New York Times and every dinosaur fashion editor rolled their eyeballs as far back possible and threw hissy fits about us sitting there… We fought for our seat at the table and I want to celebrate those who do the same. Fast forward 12 years later (a century in fashion pretty much), some of us are still around, extremely thankful and grateful that we are working, thriving, and flourishing!”

“The fashion world that we all love and adore may be filled with old dinosaurs whose time will soon pass but let me tell you, cockroaches live forever. JK, I say that with jest!,” he ended jokingly.

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Watch Valentino’s ‘Rendez-Vous’ show here:

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