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Here’s a look at Ourtone, the better and more inclusive Band-Aid product

Here’s a look at Ourtone, the better and more inclusive Band-Aid product

They’re bandages for people of color, enabling a platform of support for Black healthcare providers

As brands innovate their products and commit to initiatives like inclusivity, Johnson & Johnson adds a product line to their brand. Meet Ourtone, their new line of bandages with three distinct shades of brown. 

Aside from the brand’s inclusivity advancements, the company aims to help eradicate racial and social injustice as a public health threat by helping to eliminate health inequities for people of color. The brand is also using Ourtone as a platform to support the next generation of Black healthcare providers. 

As part of the Ourtone launch, Band-Aid is partnering with the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA) and the Foundation of the National Student Nurses’ Association (FNSNA). With this, it will award scholarship funding to Black nursing students through multi-year commitments with both organizations. 

“We agreed that as the category leader, we had a major product gap and wanted to solve for this as quickly as possible, ensuring that we better reflected the communities we serve,” shares Jordan Mojka, associate brand manager, Wound Care at Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. “It was all hands on deck. The entire team’s passion for this was incredible.”

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With inclusivity on board, innovation is another point of this modernization. “The key theme that came up again and again in our research was quality,” says Tara Brooks, associate director, Consumer Business Intelligence at Johnson & Johnson. “In selecting the material for Ourtone, we wanted to be sure consumers knew that there wouldn’t be any trade-offs with this bandage. Flexible fabric is our most popular material, offering comfortable protection that stretches and flexes as you move, and therefore was the perfect option.”

Image source: Johnson & Johnson

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