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Carlo Aquino sports well-toned body on socials and the internet goes wild

Carlo Aquino sports well-toned body on socials and the internet goes wild

Here are home workout routines you can do to have abs like Carlo

Recently, the “Exes Baggage” actor shared a photo on Instagram showing off his well-toned physique while slathering on some body scrub. More than the product he’s endorsing, what caught netizens’ attention are his abs. Fellow actors Alex Medina, Shaina Magdayao, and Christopher Roxas could not help but notice the post to comment praise. 

It’s not surprising that the 35-year-old actor and musician has this body to flaunt for he leads a very active lifestyle. For one, he shares on his social media his outdoor activities that keep him active including surfing in Siargao, hiking in Rizal, and cycling in the city. 

Now that another enhanced quarantine restriction is about to be imposed, this means a lot of us will be spending more time at home. And what better way to stay in than be healthier and active as well? With this, we present some exercises at home that Carlo does with the use of a chair. Here are some of his routines: 

Single leg chair squat

Carlo starts off by sitting down and then proceeds to do squats with only one foot on the ground, sitting on the chair every rep for support. He does this for 20 seconds. 

Flutter kicks

After 10 seconds of rest, he sits on the chair and does flutter kicks for another 20 seconds. 

Chair push ups

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For another 20 seconds, Carlo proceeds with elevated push-ups using the chair. 

Knees to chest leg lifts

He gets back on his seat and does leg lifts, bringing his knees to his chest for another 20 seconds. 

See the video below: 

Image source: Carlo Aquino’s Instagram 

Photo by: Joshen Vahn Lee

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