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This is why you need Hogan’s latest shoe collection

This is why you need Hogan’s latest shoe collection

These pairs are as versatile as they get

Can you imagine having footwear that adjusts to your way of life or footwear that will catch up with your pace whether you’re having busy days or chill moments? Look no further as this is what the Hogan brand provides: Shoes that support you no matter what without compromising comfort and style.

For Hogan’s autumn-winter 2021 collection, the brand launches all new styles from their Hyperactive and Interaction sneakers. The fluid lines of the women’s Hyperactive capsule features a thermoformed upper for a light and sinuous profile and a cushioned fit thanks to the memory foam footbed. This particular model also offers a wide range of colors available in dark and pastel colors with suede detailing.

For men, the Interaction sneakers boast bold and futuristic silhouettes. The sneakers are characterized by their ultra-light outsole and oversized volumes that support and cushion each step. This model also features technical fabric inserts and a sleek smooth letter “H” on the side. 

Check out the pieces below: 

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Visit Hogan’s website for more information about these models.

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