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Charlotte Folk is our new favorite local streetwear label. Here’s why

Charlotte Folk is our new favorite local streetwear label. Here’s why

Get to know the coolest fashion club in town

How many of you know someone who actually made their dreams come to life? Well, here’s one success story you can add to that list. Her name is Jan Charlotte Venzon, and she’s the founder of a thriving local streetwear brand called Charlotte Folk. At 22, she was able to put up a clothing line that translates her fashion sensibilities and her generation’s love for streetwear into one cool label. 

Charlotte Folk was born out of passion and the desire to make dreams come true. Since she was a kid, Jan has always loved dressing up. “Little Charlotte would always have outfits planned regardless of the event. I vividly remember going through my brother’s closet to steal oversized shirts then pair them with jeans and sneakers, and I’m all set,” shares the entrepreneur. 

Wanting to share her vision and style to her peers, the brand is a symbol of encouragement for youngsters to explore the world one comfy outfit at a time. “I am my brand. I am Charlotte,” Jan notes. “Fun, stylish, and passionate. I envisioned people wearing my designs, creating my own culture of upbeat and energetic vibe. This is where I got the idea of naming it Charlotte Folk – people wearing my clothing line, enjoying their outfit/style and just having the best time!”


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Garage chats with the brand owner herself to get up close and personal with Charlotte Folk. In this exclusive, we talk about the design process on each collection and how the brand stands out in a sea of other streetwear makers. 

How was Charlotte Folk conceived?

Charlotte Folk was established in 2018. Growing up, I always had this immense desire of having my own clothing line. Right after graduating from college, I immediately took advantage of the opportunity to bring my childhood dream to life. I dedicated time to learn more about the industry, it’s current and future genre.

Who is Charlotte Folk made for? How would you describe the personality of your consumer?

Charlotte Folk caters to our generation’s “Urban Muse.” For us, an “Urban Muse” is the city’s inspiration for style and fashion: Individuals whose passion for fashion is at the heart of their lifestyle and those who have no fear in expressing themselves through art in their own way. Charlotte Folk believes that anyone and everyone can be an “Urban Muse.”

How is the brand different from other local brands?

We always believed in our generation’s abilities and love for the arts. Our vision has always been to inspire folks to bring out the best in them. With that said, Charlotte Folk was envisioned to be a brand who caters to our market with pieces that are of great quality and are unique to represent the individuality of every folk.

What comes into play for the design process?

Charlotte Folk works with a team of artistically smart and fashionable people. Ideas and research is all part of each design’s success to create new products/lines. Before releasing a new collection, I’d do extensive research to have a deeper understanding of what my target market wants then tie it together with what I think is in the loop with the current trend. 

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My focus would later shift to how to lay out intricate details and add personal touches onto my pieces. As you may have seen, the designs may be considered as both muted and loud. Charlotte Folk enabled me to express myself and my personal choice of styles.

Any piece you are most proud of?

By far, I’d like to say that my Birthday Collection (1996 Collection) is the closest to my heart. I released this collection last November 2020, and it immediately made its breakthrough in sales shortly after its launch. 

I remember spending my time conducting research and working doubly hard to come up with the pieces from conceptualization, development of patterns and test garments, and to production of the apparels. The pieces include CF caps, CF tees, CF sweaters and CF hoodies. I am still overwhelmed by the massive support coming from customers as they continuously express heavy demands on the Birthday Collection.

What’s next for Charlotte Folk? 

We at Charlotte Folk are constantly drafting and working on new pieces and ideas to always keep our folks excited for next releases. We are determined to always come up with great quality pieces with an affordable price range in mind. Also really excited to announce that our folks will be able get their hands on a new line of designs real soon!

Shop streetwear staples from Charlotte Folk here.  

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