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BTS’ V dons Ruslan Baginskiy straw boater hat for ‘Butter’ MV, instantly becomes summer’s ‘It’ accessory

BTS’ V dons Ruslan Baginskiy straw boater hat for ‘Butter’ MV, instantly becomes summer’s ‘It’ accessory

It’s one of the brand’s most exquisite products to date

Thanks to Kim Taehyung or more known as V from K-pop global group BTS, Ukrainian designer Ruslan Baginskiy now becomes a household name for his fashionable hats.

If you’re living under a rock, BTS just released their new song “Butter,” smashing 24-hour YouTube debut records with 112 million views. BTS also holds the former record for “Dynamite,” their first full English track hitting 101 million views on its first day.

But a week before its worldwide debut, BigHit Music, BTS’ parent entertainment company, unveiled individual photo teasers for all members on Twitter. V’s post got the Army—the official fans club of the group—and fashion insiders worked up, scrambling to secure the singer’s flawless stylistic choices.

For the teaser image, V wore an all-white ensemble paired with superstar accessories including Chanel square sunglasses, Roaju volume pendant necklace, and Ruslan Baginskiy double-chain strap straw boater hat, which is now sold out everywhere from Harrods to Farfetch. The designer’s own e-store also marks the coveted hat as sold out.

“There are not that many people in the world who can impact the brand that much, and we have always been curious how the BTS-effect works. And now we know: Tons of comments, DMs, reactions, reposts, fan-groups tags, and sales of course. We had no idea that Army is so supportive, that’s a real phenomenon,” the designer tells InStyle. “And yes, the hat is sold out everywhere. The double-chain boater is handcrafted in Kyiv from Ecuador straw, and even if we want, we just can’t produce as many hats as K-pop fans want. But we hope it will come back to stock soon.”

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So what’s with the hat? On its own merit, the hat is just gorgeous. “We believe that a chain trim is always a good idea, but a double chain is even better. Decorated with pearls, it brings summer sophistication right to your look. A cotton band with embroidered RB initials, in its turn, brings a slight contrast of textures,” states the brand description. “Looking at this hat, we think back of tender summer moments. Is it made for sweet daydreaming or for beautiful tangibility? You decide.”

The verdict is in: The exquisite straw hat is summer 2021’s must-have accessory. Now the real question is where to purchase one today.

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