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Miss sitting in a cafe? This website offers you “a cup of joy” even at home

Miss sitting in a cafe? This website offers you “a cup of joy” even at home

Relive an immersive cafe experience right at the comfort and safety of your room

As the pandemic rages on for over a year now, many restaurants, including coffee shops, are just limited to outdoor seating. With some establishments, opening shop is not even an option during stricter community quarantines. Miss sitting in a cafe chatting with friends, reading a book, or just enjoying a cop of coffee? Fret not, as we got you covered by I Miss My Cafe.

I Miss My Cafe

For coffee lovers, cafes are a comfort zone wherein they go to indulge their perfect cup, hoping to be more punctual in their work and study. It also adds to the chances to socialize with buddies. In order to cope with the times, I Miss My Cafe created a website page wherein you could loosen up your stress and calm yourself while sipping a cup of coffee in a comfortable place.

“People are more productive in places they’re comfortable in. That said, real experts with real studies recommend you stay away from public spaces, so you’re going to need a stand-in for your favorite cafe. We’ve put together a lovely playlist and the best sounds for an immersive experience,” the website says.

You can select the music you prefer to drink your coffee with. A surprising fun fact about I Miss My Coffee is that it will provides different background sounds, such as a barista’s voice taking orders, the clinking of coffee cups, and even your desired weather. All this will be available thanks to a few clicks.

You won’t miss your favorite coffee shop even in your own home as you secure your safety. Thanks to I Miss My Coffee, coffee will be available to cheer you up even on more challenging days. Get started by checking I Miss My Cafe. (Rosegil Mapula)

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