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This ‘hipster’ grandpa is Instagram famous thanks to his street style looks

This ‘hipster’ grandpa is Instagram famous thanks to his street style looks

You’ve got to admit, lolo is looking dope!

Fashion is always unpredictable, except for one thing. It is always about great style. And in this digital age, dressing up good is one of the key elements to becoming internet famous.

Stylish senior Alojz Abram

That couldn’t be more true for German grandpa Alojz Abram, famously known as “Gramps” online. The 75-year-old garnered a million followers on Instagram thanks to the styling and photography prowess of his grandson Jannik Diefenbach.

“I asked him if he wanted to try on my clothes. He said yes, tried them on and looked super cool,” Jannik told Daily Mail UK. “We took some pictures, uploaded them and everyone loved it. Since Gramps enjoyed taking pictures and felt comfortable, we kept it up and never stopped.”

Why should they? Clearly, Gramps carries the style quite well and even mastered some of the trendy cool kid poses. From denim pairings and logomania play to athleisure style and designer looks, he is the epitome cool, rivaling even celebrity styles.

There is no weak knees here

“It’s great to see that Gramps can entertain and inspire so many people by simply enjoying himself,” Jannik said. “Now, he loves being recognized on the streets and is always happy when someone asks for a selfie with him. He definitely enjoys being famous.”

To think of fashion as only obsessed with the youth is no longer a thing. In the past year, “granfluencers” have been making waves on social media from American Instagrannies to Asian senior fashionistas in Tiktok. As Jannik said, “It’s never too late to start something new.”

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Text by John Legaspi

This article first appeared in Manila Bulletin

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