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Top 10 Tips to Advance Your TikTok Presence ala Ady Cotoco

Top 10 Tips to Advance Your TikTok Presence ala Ady Cotoco

We in Garage talked about his personal style and Instagram presence a few years ago on our Instaguy series. Now, Ady Cotoco is ready to share the “How’s” of being savage in the game of TikTok. Cotoco may have found out about the app just like the most of us, out of boredom, but his content and how he sees the app is what makes him distinctive. “My TikTok content is mostly humor-inspired, from real-life experiences. I love to share anything that I find funny and interesting, that is why I create videos about it. I also aim to use my platform to further inspire other people just like how other big influencers inspired me to do what I do today. I think that’s what makes TikTok great, because you are also able to cheer somebody up even if they are strangers, people we have never met or may not even meet in the future,” he shares.

With millions of views and almost 300 thousand followers, we caught up with the 21-year-old Marketing Management graduate about his life in and out of apps for tips on how to properly and effectively vend content, and a few other things.

What keeps you busy while on quarantine?

Well, I actually have a full-time job right now. I work in an online shopping company. During my free time or whenever I am out of work, I focus on growing my social media presence, creating TikTok and YouTube videos. Now, I have become a featured streamer on Kumu. I’ve got a lot on my plate, but I really don’t mind because I am finally able to do my life’s passion.

In your experience, what kind of content gets the most engagement on TikTok?

The most viral videos I had were “Weird Filipino Words” and “Types of Cashiers” with 2.7M views and 2.5M views respectively. The numbers are still increasing until now. I therefore conclude that my humorous and relatable videos get the most traction, and I think that conclusion applies to others too.

How do you decide on the next video you’re doing? Kindly let us in on your process and flow.

I actually have a “Content Dump” on my notepad, and when an idea pops up, I immediately write it down so I won’t forget it. I don’t really have a process in place because for me, it’s more of a think-and-do situation. Also, I ride on the trends. I create content from whatever is trending right now, and I can say that it actually works!

How long do you do one TikTok video, from idea conceptualization to recording and post-editing?

This is tricky. My talking videos usually take about 15-20 minutes from conceptualization to filming. However, the videos with transitions and outfit changes, each one takes up to two hours for me to create. It is really time-consuming, but I find satisfaction in changing from one outfit to another, and watching the results with smooth transitions.

Do you do videos on the fly?

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I sometimes do, especially when I feel the rush of excitement flowing from a random idea. It’s like I can’t waste any more time, so I just do it without hesitations. To be honest, I like to do it this way since the more excited I feel, the more creative I get to be, and that’s what’s important in creating online content.

Can you share your top five tips on how you keep your audience engaged?  

  1. Think of a relatable content that will have your audience say, “OMG YES, I haven’t realized this until you said it, but I totally experience those situations, too.”
  2. Express yourself through fashion and always look presentable.
  3. Just be yourself! People have a radar for pretense and authenticity.
  4. Always go for a great setup – your background, lighting, and your camera quality actually matter. Sometimes, people skip videos that do not look presentable.
  5. Enjoy and bring good vibes and positivity to your audience.

What about your tips on growing your audience? Can you give us tips?

  1. Be consistent. Post at least four to five videos a day, especially when you’re just starting. You need always be visible.
  2. Think through your content. Give it a lot of effort because hard work pays off! If you need to do 20 outfit changes, then do it. Make it as smooth as possible.
  3. Be your #1 fan! Personally, I do not post videos if I do not find it funny after watching it. Honestly, I think that sometimes I look stupid, but it’s all about the humor. As long as you’re happy on your output, post it!
  4. Talk to your followers! Videos must find their way into your audience’s mind. Consider what they would want to watch or listen to.
  5. Respond to comments! I like how TikTok allows creators to respond to comments through a video because it gets the conversation going.


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