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Stay thicc, not sick! Home Exercises You Can Do While On Quarantine

Stay thicc, not sick! Home Exercises You Can Do While On Quarantine

If you think that walking from your bedroom to the dining table is enough to burn what you’ve consumed from binge watching Netflix or browsing through Twitter, think again! Although food may get you through this crisis, it’ll be best supported by a healthy and fit body! We’ve round up some of Insta-fitness accounts we can call “workout-from-home buddies” that give tips on how we can stay (or start getting) in shape, which range from basic to advanced exercises. Take a break from your all-day siesta, open your IG, find some space and determination.

Not everybody has gym equipment at home so let’s start with what you already have, you and your body weight. Here are few sets from Tinoy Borromeo using his own weight and some home furniture working out the upper and lower body.

Learn how Kiana Henares trains her abs and booty with her Dynamic Home Booty and Abs High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) doing sets of squats and lunges.

If you’re looking for isolation exercises, check out Quito Trenas’s chest exercises mixing variations of basic and explosive push-ups!

We also included Sam Ajdani’s full-body bodyweight workout that targets abs, chest, legs, and core challenging us with 100 reps per exercise.

If you have free weight equipment sitting at home, now is the best time to use them!

Look how Lexi Gancayco takes care of her arms! Look how she pushes herself with these upper body movements supplemented by weights.

For intermediate and advanced trainees, we have Grant Teng’s workouts using weights for you! Take a look and start following his Anti-Virus programs.

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Noel Agra knows have to have fun incorporating manga with his workout! What about try his Dragon Ball Tabata dumbbell workout? A high intensity interval training using weights. Did we mention he’s a chef? He also updates his account with healthy recipes that you can recreate for a healthful diet.

Did I hear someone say band training? We got you! Here’s another Tabata training using resistance bands with Hideo Muraoka and Fatima Rabago. Totally a couple fitspiration!

Just came from the long line in the grocery filling up your pantry? Why not be creative and do a Hans Braga, using grocery as free weight for bicep curls and row variations?

Move those muscles, stretch your limbs, and keep your blood flowing with these fitspirations as we get through not only this community quarantine period, but also the other stressors of life!

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