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In a big mood? There’s a coffee-and-carbs combo perfect for you

In a big mood? There’s a coffee-and-carbs combo perfect for you

Caffeine and carbs—honestly, on most days, nothing could be better. It may be bad for my insomnia (not to mention my teeth), but coffee just brings this particular kind of comfort that no other drink can provide; even the scent of it brewing is enough to make me feel as if I were humming on the inside. And bread? Don’t even get me started.

Now while there’s nothing new about the charm of this classic comfort food combination, it doesn’t mean there couldn’t be any novel twists done to how we take our coffee and bread, especially if Canadian import Tim Hortons has anything to do about it. As we truly begin to dive into the holiday season, this coffee shop is presenting its “Tims Perfect Pairs”: coffee pairings that feature their signature brews and their suggested pastries to go with them. On our part, we suggest when to take them depending on a particular mood you’re in. Dive in.


Mood: When Linda from accounting is testing your patience and it isn’t even 10 a.m. yet.

Whoo, Linda, lordT! GIF via Giphy.

You’re not exactly a morning person, and here comes Linda from accounting (or Larry from HR) giving you BS long before lunchtime. You could also be seeing 20 new emails in your inbox, all with the subject lines saying “Urgent! ASAP!” You can lose your cool, which is understandable, or you can call on the power of the “dark side” to help you get through the day. Have a cup of Tim Hortons’ Red Eye Iced Capp, served with an extra shot of espresso, and match this potent blend with their Triple Chocolate Muffin (with real chocolate bits!). Feel the kick of caffeine, chocolate, and sugar boosting your system, and use the rush to kick butt at work. (Hot tip: The drink is a secret menu item.)

The Dark Side of Tims: a Red Eye Iced Capp with the Triple Chocolate Muffin


Mood: When your friend is still going on about how hot Justin Trudeau is and you’re pretty over it

C’mon, sis, give me a break. GIF via Giphy.

Listening to your friends’ rants and raves is part of being a pal. So if it’s the millionth time that you’re hearing your BFF drone on and on about their Canadian crush, give yourself a break by handing them a cup of Tim Horton’s Original Blend and a Maple Dip donut. Once they’re preoccupied with savoring this So Canadian combo, give them a dash of their own medicine by going into a monologue about your fantasy crushes.

So Canadian: The Original Blend cofee with the Maple Dip donut


Mood: When you’re overwhelmed by your To Do list

This gif is too real. GIF via Giphy.

When life feels a little too complicated, you just want to dial down the stress and rely on something that’s been tried and tested. Nothing Beats the Classic features the Tim Hortons favorite Double Double (coffee with two creams and two sugars) and their Old Fashioned Glazed donut, and this combo is perfect when you don’t want to have to think about which newfangled menu item to try.

Nothing Beats the Classic: A Double Double with an Old Fashioned Glazed donut


Mood: When you want to remind everyone about your upcoming bash but don’t want to be extra about it

Play it cool, okay? GIF via Giphy.

Confession: Virgo baby here, and while I’m mature enough to understand that my birthday is the biggest deal only to me, it’s still lovely to have people remember it, especially certain significant individuals. Anyway. (This post is a subtweet.) If your birthday is around the corner, maybe send out this kind of invite to your B-Day fête to give your friends an even bigger incentive to keep the important date in mind: Don’t Be Latte on my Birthday pairs an Iced Latte with some colourful Birthday Cake Timbits, a.k.a. donut holes.

All of the Tims Perfect Pairs, including the Don’t Be Latte on my Birthday: an iced latte and Birthday Cake Timbits


Mood: When all you want to do is watch a rom-com on Netflix

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Another gif that’s too, too real. GIF via Giphy.

Match the cringe-y lines in your new favorite teen rom-com with an Iced Coffee and a Grilled Cheese Panini, a.k.a. Feeling Cheesy with my Coffee. You’ll have something delicious to munch on while you enjoy the vicarious thrill of cheesy young love.

Feeling Cheesy with my Coffee: An iced coffee with a Grilled Cheese panini


Mood: When you want to give your hot date the green light but also don’t want to give everything away

Sparks are flying, y’all. GIF via Giphy.

Here’s a good combo for this kind of tête-à-tête: a Red Velvet Latte and an Apple Fritter, a.k.a. Fratte!. There’s just something so tempting about that chocolate-y goodness mixed in with coffee, but it’s balanced by the wholesome goodness of apples, translated into a soft pastry. Best kind of mixed signals to send, if you ask me.

The Fratte! drank: Red Velvet Latte


Mood: When you’ve shaken that magic 8-ball for the thousandth time to figure out what the fuck is going on in your so-called lovelife

Do they like me? Like, really really like me? GIF via Giphy.

Issa mood, and an obsessive one at that. Maybe release your grip on the magic 8-ball for a minute and munch on Ciabattalaga for you? to give your mind and emotions a break. Enjoy a hearty Chicken Ciabatta and wash it down with an iced coffee, then check within yourself if you’re ready to give your questions a rest (at least for the day).

Ciabattalaga for you?: Chicken Ciabatta with an iced coffee.

Enjoy these Tims Perfect Pairs at the nearest Tim Hortons branch near you.

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