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Manila inspired this bowl of tantanmen, and you can taste it starting this weekend

Manila inspired this bowl of tantanmen, and you can taste it starting this weekend

Imagine slurping on a broth that starts out sour sinigang-style, only to turn almost kare-kare creamy after a few spoonfuls.

This is the Sang La Tan Tan Soba, a dish created by Japanese Soba Noodles Tsuta master chef Yuki Onishi and totally inspired by Manila.

Tsuta, by the way, is the first ramen restaurant to earn a Michelin star. It garnered this distinction in 2015, the same year that Onishi opened Tsuta’s first international branch in Singapore and five years after he had established the first Tsuta in Sugamo, Tokyo in 2012. Last December, Manila got to welcome the chef’s brand of exacting culinary expertise when Tsuta Philippines opened its branch at Bonifacio Global City.

Tsuta’s master chef Yuki Onishi

Available on the Tsuta Philippines menu starting tomorrow, April 7, the Sang La Tan Tan Soba is a delicious cross-cultural intersection presented in a deep bowl of tantanmen. It combines Tsuta’s signature dashi, a combination of chicken, clams, and fish broth, and Wakayama Prefecture-sourced shoyu tare (soy beans) with locally sourced peanut paste,  chili, and white cane vinegar. The result is a filling dish that layers a couple of classic Pinoy dishes, from sinigang to kare-kare to even sisig, courtesy of the sautéed minced crispy pork toppings. The heat builds up with every spoonful but never gets overwhelming, thanks to the creaminess lent by the peanut paste.

The Sang La Tan Tan Soba (P395) is just the first of the Philippine Original Series that Onishi will be launching throughout April. Every week for the rest of the month, a new dish will be added to the Tsuta Philippines menu: gyoza with momen tofu, ohba leaves, chives, and tengaiten salt; karaage marinated in Tsuta’s signature shoyu tare; and green tea pudding. Filipinos will get to taste these new additions before Onishi launches them in the rest of Tsuta’s international branches (Singapore, HongKong, and Taiwan).

But don’t dally on getting a bowl of Sang La Tan Tan Soba; only 50 bowls of it will be served daily.

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Tsuta Philippines is located at the Upper Ground Floor, Cluster C, Bonifacio High Street, 7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City.




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