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The gadgets we love that cost less than Php10,000 Part 2

The gadgets we love that cost less than Php10,000 Part 2

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly on your phone, tap-tapping away at the screen. And while smartphones may be your most used device, there are other gadgets that have made your life a little bit easier. Here’s Part 2 of us sharing our favorite small gadgets that are all under Php10,000—and maybe you’ll even find some ideas for presents this holiday season. 


Apple TV, Php8,990
If you’re anything like me who can’t stay within their mobile data cap due to endless video streaming and web surfing at any given time during the day, then the 4th generation Apple TV might be for you. Packed with favorite entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Hulu, iTunes, CBS, and ESPN, these are go-to sources for, basically, everyday life. But what I enjoy the most with the Apple TV is AirPlay, where I can mirror my iPhone to the TV, allowing me to project essentially any app I’ve purchased or downloaded. So even if the built-in apps are limited, I can say goodbye to viewing high quality videos on tiny phone screens and instead, welcome true high-definition on my larger-than-life TV screen. The Apple TV has an A8 chip with 64-bit architecture and 32 GB memory capacity packaged in a sleek, matte black finish. Stylish, functional, and full-on entertaining. – Rey Ilagan, editor-in-chief

Lomo’ Instant Automat Playa Jardin, Php8,290
I’ve been thinking about buying an automatic film camera for years and finally decided to get one. I wanted something that looked nice and not too complicated to operate, so to make sure I was making the right choice, I asked Lomography expert Ryan Vergara if the Lomo’ Instant Automat Playa Jardin would be the right one to buy. Right away, I got a yes from him. It’s perfect for someone like me who hates complicated techie stuff. This camera uses Instax Mini film packs and automatically adjusts the settings to the surroundings. I can snap pictures from low to natural light settings, and it focuses its shots anytime, anywhere. Aside from its sleek, all-black vintage look and scratch-free surface, another cool feature is its built-in infrared remote control so I can use it hands-free—perfect to bring when traveling alone. – Edlene Cabral, style editor


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Microsoft Surface Arc mouse, Php4,121
The Microsoft Surface Arc Bluetooth Mouse is basically a redesigned Arc Touch. The basic design and mechanism of this new Surface Arc Mouse haven’t changed much from its predecessor’s, but there is one very critical new feature. The Arc Touch had a thin capacitive strip right in the middle, emulating a scroll wheel and a middle mouse button—that strip is now gone. All you have is one whole, smooth surface, like with the Apple Magic. Surface Arc is obviously much more elegant, thin, light, and compact, and it still has that flexible rear section that bends to fit the fingers and the palm. It can also be folded flat when turned off, making it super easy to carry around. Plus, surface Arc has the Microsoft BlueTrack technology that  makes it work on almost any surface. Powered by two AAA batteries, it can easily pair with most laptops or tablets that run with a recent version of Windows that support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher; it works with some MacBooks too. – Pol Aries Zamora, graphic artist

Toshiba 2TB Canvio Portable Hard Drive, Php2,500
When I bought this hard drive, I was an hour away from submitting my laptop to a service center for repair, and had needed to back-up ALL two-years’ worth of files. It’s light and sizable enough to carry around in my laptop bag, especially since I’m the type who doesn’t like old and archived files—movies, TV series, large document files, etc.—taking up storage space in my laptop. To be honest, if not for backing up my files, I wouldn’t think I’d need such a large storage drive for myself. But since buying this, I’ve realized that an external storage option is always a good idea. Yzza Hablado, style assistant
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