Dutch brewing company Heineken International just released a commercial where we could learn the etiquette of socializing on a night out with friends. 

The ad started in a bar where a guy is about to meet his friend. Instead of hugging, they opted for an elbow-bump, which seems to be the gesture replacing an intimate hug or beso. This new move went on before the camera focuses on a guy who spots an “X” on a chair signaling social distancing in seating. Another highlight was a girl celebrating her birthday with a cake, preparing to blow the candle, but since that’s a recipe for a disaster (at least for now), she opted to fan the lights out instead. Proxemics were also included in the video as two men gave way to one another to practice safe distancing while going through a narrow hallway. The clinking of glasses was also replaced with a raising of glasses to prevent contagion. 

The commercial ended with a statement we can all agree on, “There’s one thing better than a night out. Another night out.”

Watch the video here: