If your lifestyle includes scrolling up and down Twitter on a daily basis, and if you joined TikTok either out of boredom or just because random videos got you hooked, it’s hard to miss out on Newton Nguyen, a Vietnamese self-taught home-cook who’s making name for himself at the moment, “It wasn’t until last year that Nguyen taught himself to cook. It was a way to take his mind off things and cope with depression” he shares on an LATimes interview. Newton Nguyen, aka Newt, is one of the most-promising food vloggers in the game at the moment, with 4.5 million followers on Tiktok alone. Nguyen’s videos are entertaining, quick, and easy to follow, which perfectly suits the attention span of viewers right now.

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One of the 21 year-old’s most viewed video is his Japanese fluffy pancakes video, with more than 25 millions views on TikTok and almost 4 million views on Twitter.

Another fan-favorite and totally mouthwatering masterpiece is his Pizookie, a pan-sized cookie topped with ice cream and syrup.

Although there are a lot of tutorials to satisfy your sweet craving, he also does savory dishes like his version of Swedish meatballs.

On a Get To Know Me video on Youtube, Nguyen said he thinks Jollibee has the best fried chicken there is, so here is a Mukbang of him with another Jollibee favorite, Peach Mango Pie which he posted on his TikTok.

Aside from filming videos, Nguyen is busy branching out into retail, putting up a brand called Parsley, which includes hoodies, t-shirts, and phone cases that you can check out here.