Entitled Re-Edition, Proudrace’s collection for #MFFxGarage nestles between something old and something new. “It’s re-creating pieces that we made from the past and giving it a new interpretation,” explains Rik Rasos, one-half of the brand’s design team. “We also focused on building an entire collection based on existing items, and playing with proportions.”

Re-edition 2018 / @garagemagazine #proudrace

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With items that are loose and baggy, the Re-Edition collection draws elements from the ’90s but updates it for the modern times. Comfort may take precedence, but the way the pieces are put together, they also hint at an edgy personality, someone with a strong sense of style and identity.

So who wears Proudrace? Rik answers: “We would like to think that we have a wide reach. So anyone who has a strong personal style can wear our pieces.” Needless to say, we can’t agree with them more. And our favorite look from the collection? The windbreaker coat ensemble is definitely it.–Rey Ilagan