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Embrace your unique style with Madhaus

Embrace your unique style with Madhaus

Co-design your own piece with the Madhaus 1-Of-1 feature

Expressing oneself authentically through fashion is a powerful avenue for those who love to design and personalize their own pieces. For individuals seeking creative freedom and the opportunity to cultivate their unique style, Madhaus fashion label emerges as a fitting solution.

Celebrating the misfits, dreamers, and everyone with a desire to carve out their own fashion identity, Madhaus offers bold and imaginative designs that push boundaries and challenge conventions. The brand fearlessly embraces individuality and encourages customers to unleash their creativity.

Founded by PR maven and creative director Victor Harry Hartman, Madhaus resonates deeply with its creator’s ethos of championing creativity and individuality throughout his career. With over a decade dedicated to the fashion industry, Hartman understands the transformative power of clothing as wearable art. However, Madhaus goes beyond traditional fashion, embracing a holistic approach to creativity.

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An exciting feature of the brand is the Madhaus 1-Of-1 service, enabling customers to co-create their dream pieces with the label. This innovative service acts as a creative lab, empowering individuals to manifest their visions into reality through collaboration with the brand.

In addition to the bespoke service, Madhaus offers a premiere collection titled “Take Up Space,” featuring ready-to-wear tops and bottoms crafted from a variety of materials including cotton, suede, denim, and corduroy. Highlights of the collection include the Ultraverse Trousers, versatile utility pants available in an array of colors, and the Ultraverse Jeans, denim pants adorned with intricate embroidery detailing.

Madhaus products are available worldwide through their online platform at, inviting fashion enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to embrace their unique style with confidence.

Madhaus is avail worldwide through

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