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Capture core memories with the new Oppo Find X6 Pro

Capture core memories with the new Oppo Find X6 Pro

We traveled to Bali, Indonesia and experienced its breathtaking beauty through the brand’s revolutionary imaging technology

If you own a DSLR camera, you’re aware of the stark difference in image quality compared to smartphone cameras. Carrying a DSLR everywhere isn’t always practical, but with the rapid advancements in technology, we may have found the perfect solution—a smartphone camera that captures photos with professional-like precision.

Oppo, with its dedicated team of over 1,000 professionals and a staggering $140 million research and development budget, has introduced a game-changing smartphone. The newly launched Oppo Find X6 Pro features a cutting-edge three main-camera system, including a Wide Camera with a Large One-Inch Sensor, a Periscope Telephoto camera, and a high-quality Ultra-Wide Camera. 

During the Oppo Imaging Tour in Bali, Indonesia, Garage had the privilege of experiencing these remarkable specifications, and the results were nothing short of extraordinary.

While smartphone cameras usually deliver crisp photos, their image quality tends to diminish when zooming in. Oppo, renowned for its telephoto lens innovations and optical zoom capabilities, has developed a breakthrough structure. By reducing the periscope lens size, they have created space for a large sensor and prism, resulting in enhanced image quality even in low-light and high-contrast environments.

Thanks to the large sensor, the Oppo Find X6 Pro avoids switching to digital zoom on the wide lens in low-light conditions. This means users can enjoy the full image quality offered by the optical zoom on the telephoto lens, enabling them to capture stunning, professionally composed images, even in challenging lighting conditions and when zoomed in.

To simplify the process of capturing professional-looking photos using the telephoto lens, the brand has included 3x and 6x zoom presets—focal lengths commonly favored by professional photographers. With this lens and the user-friendly presets, exploring and capturing images from an expert’s perspective becomes effortless.

Another common issue with smartphone Portrait Mode is the depth-of-field or bokeh effect. Typically, fine details like hair strands and small objects are often blurred together with the background. However, the brand’s new offering, equipped with a Periscope Telephoto Camera and large IMX890 sensor, ensures a natural and seamless bokeh effect in Portrait Mode, making professional portraits achievable with a smartphone.

Shot on Find X6 Pro Wide Camera

Shooting in low-light or high-contrast environments has always posed challenges for smartphone cameras. The Find X6 Pro overcomes this obstacle with its Next-Generation Image Processing Architecture. This revolutionary architecture utilizes 10 times more computing power than its predecessor, resulting in breakthroughs in image clarity, light, shadow, and color. With the new image processing architecture, RAW Domain Multi-frame Synthesis is extended to more scenarios, leading to a 30 percent improvement in image clarity and a 60 percent reduction in image noise.

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As you can see from the comparison above, the image taken by the Find X6 Pro showcases more natural layers, contrasting light and shadow, compared to that taken by another smartphone brand.

Moreover, Oppo employs Photon Matrix Technology to accurately display natural light and shadows. The Find X6 Pro can capture 12 million photons of luminance information, expanding the dynamic range to eight times that of conventional standard dynamic range (SDR) technology.

It’s astonishing to think that these photos were taken with an Oppo smartphone, but our firsthand experience confirms its incredible capabilities. The brand is committed to pushing the boundaries of imaging technology, and we eagerly await the next series release to witness their ongoing technological advancements.

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